Bug #17106

Updated by Nathan Cutler over 3 years ago

Credits to Tim Serong for finding this bug. added packages for Python 3 bindings, including packaging some files in <code>__pycache__</code> __pycache__ directories. This is in accordance with Fedora packaging guidelines [1].

I assume these <code>__pycache__</code> __pycache__ directories and the files they contain are created only when the build machine is connected to the network. (That's the most obvious explanation for why they are not created in OBS builds.)

Since these directories/files will be created automatically if they are missing, they can be safely omitted in SUSE builds - at least for now.

"When packaging python modules, several types of files are included:
*.pyc and *.pyo byte compiled files (and, if present, the enclosing <code>__pycache__</code> __pycache__ directory in most cases)."