Bug #11101

Updated by Kefu Chai about 5 years ago

Description of problem:

root@master:~# ceph osd tell
"osd tell" is deprecated; try "tell osd.<id>" instead (id can be "*")
root@master:~# ceph tell osd.*
Cannot use 'tell' with interactive mode

Expected results:

I am not in interactive mode!

Besides that, I'd want the hint to point me to something I can try out without further understanding, like

> "osd tell" is deprecated; try "tell osd.<id> bench" instead (id can be "*")

@"ceph osd tell"@ "ceph odd tell" is mentioned in the "top 10 commands" blogs in several places and on the ceph wiki - separately requested a fix there. That gets users started down this path, just like it did me.