Feature #8231

Updated by Samuel Just over 6 years ago

ceph-filestore-dump ... <pgid> <object> (get|set)-bytes <from> <to>
ceph-filestore-dump ... <pgid> <object> (get|set|rm)-(attr|omap) <key>
ceph-filestore-dump ... <pgid> <object> list-attrs
ceph-filestore-dump ... <pgid> <object> get-keys-after <lower-bound> <max num>
ceph-filestore-dump ... <pgid> <object> remove


One part of this is that we need a way to specify ghobject_t for <object>. I suggest letting the user specify a json object and decoding that.

I'd also like to propose a mode where ceph-filestore-dump reinserts the contents of an exported pg via rados, something like

ceph-filestore-dump import-rados -p <pool> <archive>

That would allow us to extract a pg from a messed up osd and reinsert it via rados after a force_create_pg instead of by injecting it into a random osd.