Subtask #5046

Updated by Loic Dachary about 7 years ago

PG logs, PG missing: The logic for merging an authoritative PG log with another PG log while filling in the missing set would benefit massively from being testable seperately from a PG instance. It's possible that the stripes involved in ErasureCodedPG will make this impractical to generalize.

* Move "move log, logondisk, missing from being public data members of PG and supporting functions to being protected data members of PGLog.{cc,h} and adapt the callers accordingly. It improves encapsulation and does not change any of the logic already in place. ( "ready for review": ) PGLog.{cc,h}":
* Define define an API for PGLog.{cc,h}
* Write write unit tests for PGLog.{cc,h}