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Updated by Loic Dachary almost 7 years ago

"work in progress":

* See OSD::handle_pg_(notify|info|log|query) relates to a function that has apparently been replaced by react() methods such as
* "pull request":
** - says : "OSD::enqueue_op calls PG::queue_op which checks can_discard_request before queueing the op in the op_queue and the PG in the OpWQ."-
** -"OSD::handle_op": calls "op_is_discardable": which discards disconnected clients-
* add pull request here
** "DeletingState allows you to register a callback to be called when the deletion is finally complete. See PG::start_flush. " but "start_flush": does not directly show a callback registration. When this sentence was written there was a call to "register_on_delete": which was a "method of DeletingState": at the time.