Bug #55867

Updated by Ngwa Sedrick Meh 8 months ago

h3. Description of problem

The health page has the following accessibility issues:
level A: 4
buttons lacking accessible names: 4

level AA: 7
color contrast: 7

h3. Environment

* @ceph version@ string: 17.0.0-12499-gb7b8838a (b7b8838a5619736983242b62bf9c67ef973dd45b)
quincy (dev)
* Platform (OS/distro/release): fedora 36
* Cluster details (nodes, monitors, OSDs):
* Did it happen on a stable environment or after a migration/upgrade?: stable
* Browser used (e.g.: @Version 86.0.4240.198 (Official Build) (64-bit)@): Google Chrome Version 102.0.5005.61 (Official Build) (64-bit)

h3. How reproducible


# Start ceph and login
# inspect the health page with an accessibility checker like

h3. Actual results

!health_page.png! _Please add logs and/or screenshots_

h3. Expected results


h3. Additional info