Bug #55578

Updated by Volker Theile 9 months ago

When creating a new monitoring silence the form is pre-filled with the wrong alert data. It is always used the alert data from the very first object alert in the API response list.

The reason for this is the dashboard tries to query the alerts with the selected fingerprint. but according to it is not possible to filter for alerts. The filtering must be done in the Dashboard frontend or the backend API. Using Alertmanager v2 API it is also not possible to filter for alerts by 'fingerprint', see For example, http://localhost:9093/api/v2/alerts/?filter=fingerprint%3D52d8976dd77b7c24 or http://localhost:9093/api/v2/alerts/?filter=["fingerprint=52d8976dd77b7c24"] do not return the alert with the fingerprint 52d8976dd77b7c24.

Fix: Do the filtering in the Dashboard UI.