Bug #44926

Updated by Sebastian Wagner over 1 year ago

In Octopus I created an object gateway as mentioned in chapter "deploying storage services". After doing so I followed instructions in to create a system user (username: dashboard) and getting its access and secret key configure the dashboard. This done, I can see the object gateways in dashboard. Additionally I created another user (system flag not set, username: rsasse) via dashboard.

When trying to create a bucket for any user (dashboard or rsasse) and selecting default placement, I get an error message as attached in screenshot. One of our developers managed to create a bucket using api keys of user rsasse directly using the rest api, so I guess, the porblem is caused by the dashboard.

To be complete, at the moment I'm running on version @octopus-f8d5631-centos-8-x86_64-devel@ octopus-f8d5631-centos-8-x86_64-devel as supposed by sage while debugging another dashboard issue.