Bug #43900

Updated by Ricardo Marques 2 months ago

In order to manage iSCSI gateways from the UI, we have to add those gateways to Dashboard:

ceph dashboard iscsi-gateway-add <service_url>

if in the meanwhile, service URL has changed (e.g., from "http" to "https") we have to remove the gateway from Dashboard and add it again:

ceph dashboard iscsi-gateway-rm <name> iscsi-gateway-add <service_url>
ceph dashboard iscsi-gateway-add <service_url> iscsi-gateway-rm <name>

But Dashboard is preventing us from removing a gateway that is already part of the iSCSI configuration (ceph-iscsi).

This check should be removed, and the Dashboard should handle this situation gracefully, just like is done when ceph-iscsi API is down.