Bug #42360

Updated by Kefu Chai almost 2 years ago

when upgrading from v12 to v13:

2019-10-17T15:34:24.375> sudo yum -y install '' '' ceph-radosgw ceph-test ceph ceph-mgr ceph-fuse libcephfs2 libcephfs-devel librados2 li
brbd1 python-ceph rbd-fuse python3-cephfs python3-rados
2019-10-17T15:34:35.246> Package ceph.x86_64 2:12.2.12-511.gb9c1d9f.el7 will be updated
2019-10-17T15:34:35.250> Package ceph.x86_64 2:13.2.6-706.g4f9664c.el7 will be an update
2019-10-17T15:34:35.402> Package python3-cephfs.x86_64 2:13.2.6-706.g4f9664c.el7 will be installed
2019-10-17T15:34:35.402> Processing Dependency: python3-ceph-argparse = 2:13.2.6-706.g4f9664c.el7 for package: 2:python3-cephfs-13.2.6-706.g4f9664c.el7.x86_64
2019-10-17T15:34:36.140> Finished Dependency Resolution
2019-10-17T15:34:36.193 Package: 2:python36-cephfs-12.2.12-511.gb9c1d9f.el7.x86_64 (@ceph)
2019-10-17T15:34:36.193 Requires: libcephfs2 = 2:12.2.12-511.gb9c1d9f.el7
2019-10-17T15:34:36.194 Removing: 2:libcephfs2-12.2.12-511.gb9c1d9f.el7.x86_64 (@ceph)
2019-10-17T15:34:36.194 libcephfs2 = 2:12.2.12-511.gb9c1d9f.el7
2019-10-17T15:34:36.194 Updated By: 2:libcephfs2-13.2.6-706.g4f9664c.el7.x86_64 (ceph)
2019-10-17T15:34:36.194 libcephfs2 = 2:13.2.6-706.g4f9664c.el7
2019-10-17T15:34:36.194 Package: 2:python36-rados-12.2.12-511.gb9c1d9f.el7.x86_64 (@ceph)
2019-10-17T15:34:36.194 Requires: librados2 = 2:12.2.12-511.gb9c1d9f.el7
2019-10-17T15:34:36.194 Removing: 2:librados2-12.2.12-511.gb9c1d9f.el7.x86_64 (@ceph)
2019-10-17T15:34:36.195 librados2 = 2:12.2.12-511.gb9c1d9f.el7
2019-10-17T15:34:36.195 Updated By: 2:librados2-13.2.6-706.g4f9664c.el7.x86_64 (ceph)
2019-10-17T15:34:36.195 librados2 = 2:13.2.6-706.g4f9664c.el7
2019-10-17T15:34:36.195 You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem
2019-10-17T15:34:44.287 You could try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest
2019-10-17T15:34:44.369 remote process result: 1


the crux of the problem is

i think the luminous release (12.2.12-511.gb9c1d9f.el7) was not built with the latest "python-srpm-macros" package. so it does not offer python3-* python binding packages. while the mimic release (13.2.6-706.g4f9664c.el7) was. so when we install python3-cephfs, and it required libcephfs2 (13.2.6-706.g4f9664c.el7). to install a newer libcephfs2 requires uninstall old version of this package. so "libcephfs2 = 2:12.2.12-511.gb9c1d9f.el7" would be removed. but python36-cephfs-12.2.12-511.gb9c1d9f.el7.x86_64 was still around. it was not being replaced. so i think the fix is to let python3-cephfs provide "python36-cephfs".