Bug #40925

Updated by Volker Theile over 1 year ago

Create new pools and a CephFS filesystem:

$ ceph osd pool create 8
$ ceph osd pool application enable cephfs
$ ceph osd pool create cephfs.b.meta 8
$ ceph osd pool application enable cephfs.b.meta cephfs

$ ceph fs flag set enable_multiple true
$ ceph fs new b cephfs.b.meta

After that go to the dashboard and select the 'b' filesystem in the filesystem table.

<pre><code class="text">
zone.js:199 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined
at CephfsDetailComponent.push../src/app/ceph/cephfs/cephfs-detail/cephfs-detail.component.ts.CephfsDetailComponent.ngOnChanges (cephfs-detail.component.ts:56)
at checkAndUpdateDirectiveInline (core.js:22085)
at checkAndUpdateNodeInline (core.js:23353)
at checkAndUpdateNode (core.js:23315)
at debugCheckAndUpdateNode (core.js:23949)
at debugCheckDirectivesFn (core.js:23909)
at Object.eval [as updateDirectives] (CephfsListComponent.html:9)
at Object.debugUpdateDirectives [as updateDirectives] (core.js:23901)
at checkAndUpdateView (core.js:23297)