Bug #39651

Updated by Patrick Donnelly over 2 years ago

I get following traceback while running the test_kill_mdstable: test_kill_mdstable:"" -

File "/home/rishabh/repos/ceph/pr-27718/qa/tasks/cephfs/", line 76, in test_kill_mdstable
File "/home/rishabh/repos/ceph/pr-27718/qa/tasks/cephfs/", line 268, in delete_mds_coredump
], stdout=StringIO())
File "../qa/tasks/", line 346, in run
File "../qa/tasks/", line 179, in wait
raise CommandFailedError(self.args, self.exitstatus)
CommandFailedError: Command failed with status 1: ['cd', '|/usr/lib/systemd', Raw('&&'), 'ls', Raw('|'), 'xargs', 'file']

code_dir:"" does not contain a path to a directory at all. The value of core_dir is "|/usr/lib/systemd" which is weird because the string (which is supposed to be a path) has a vertical bar at the beginning and, more importantly, because "/usr/lib/systemd" is not a directory. The lines of code following will attempt to use it as the target directory for "cd" command. Following is the traceback obtained from running "test_kill_mdstable"