Feature #24573

Updated by Ricardo Marques over 1 year ago

While we plan to Embed Grafana Dashboards for displaying more detailed performance data and history, the Ceph Manager Dashboard itself should provide a minimal set of widgets/gauges to display at least the current key performance characteristics without requiring the installation and integration of any external monitoring tools.

Currently, the dashboard shows live status updates for the following information:

* Overall health status
* MON/OSD/MDS/MGR status (up, down, active, etc)
* Usage (Objects, raw capacity, usage by pool)

In addition to that, I suggest to add native widgets to display the following information:

* Total I/O (reads/writes)
* Total IOPs (read/write)
* PG status (active / clean / degraded, etc.)

See other tools like Inkscope, Calamari or Croit for some inspiration: