Bug #22142

Updated by Jan Fajerski about 5 years ago

To reproduce:

<pre><code class="text">
#start a vstart cluster
../src/ -n -s -d
#start the prometheus module for health status, dashboard show the same info
bin/ceph mgr module enable prometheus
# confirm healthy cluster state
curl | grep "ceph_health_status 0.0"
# kill a mon and wait a bit for status to change
kill `cat out/`
sleep 1m
# check of health warn
bin/ceph -s
# mgr modules still show healthy
curl | grep "ceph_health_status 1.0" # 1.0 is warn
curl | grep "ceph_health_status 0.0" # 0.0 is healthy

Alternatively check the mgr dashboard (see screenshot).

It seems like sometimes the the status propagates correctly, i.e. the dashboard and prometheus module show the WARN state