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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
445phpradosFeatureNewNormalSession handler11/09/2010 10:26 AM
299CephCleanupNewNormalcatch std::bad_alloc and die with helpful error in log on ENOMEM09/01/2011 09:31 AM
1296Linux kernel clientFeatureNewLowSupport fanotify/inotify01/03/2012 10:51 AM
1355Linux kernel clientFeatureNewNormaluse SKB destructor in messenger?01/03/2012 10:51 AMlibceph
1769Linux kernel clientBugNewLowosd_client: susceptibility to low memory deadlocks01/03/2012 10:52 AM
1766Linux kernel clientBugNewLowmon_client: sends request before authentication01/03/2012 10:54 AM
1247Linux kernel clientBugNewNormalkicking capsnaps can send dups01/09/2012 03:40 PMSnapshots
2109CephTasksNewLowqa/benchmark: Explore using Filebench for benchmarks / stress testing02/27/2012 11:38 AMqa
2108CephFeatureNewNormaltrack object states to inform error injection/testing02/27/2012 01:21 PM
2129Linux kernel clientBugNewNormalceph: xattr: call __build_xattrs() *before* cap check03/02/2012 08:12 PM
119Linux kernel clientFeatureNewNormalavoid looping connect/retry errors on console03/05/2012 10:49 AM
206Linux kernel clientFeatureNewNormalmake a 'soft' mode03/05/2012 10:49 AM
2239CephSubtaskNewNormalinstall + configure package everywhere04/23/2012 02:19 PM
2198CephFeatureNewNormaladd an option to force a down osd to be marked immediately out05/01/2012 12:38 PM
2578CephFeatureNewNormalrados ager06/13/2012 12:35 PM
2362CephFeatureNewNormalrados: support omap (leveldb) and locator key in import/export06/14/2012 02:23 PM
2131Linux kernel clientCleanupNewNormalceph: xattr: use the generic kernel xattr codeAlex Elder06/28/2012 09:29 AM
2294rbdFeatureNewNormallibrbd: optionally cache entire objects, instead of only requesting the parts that are read06/29/2012 11:45 AM
2660rbdFeatureNewNormalqa: test resizing an rbd image while a vm has it open06/29/2012 11:48 AM
2627rbdFeatureNewNormalqa: regression tests for libvirt rbd storage pool06/29/2012 11:48 AM
2626rbdFeatureNewNormalqa: regression tests for basic rbd libvirt integration (disks)06/29/2012 11:48 AM
2636rbdFeatureNewNormalqa: regression tests for qemu monitor commands06/29/2012 11:51 AM
2629rbdFeatureNewNormalqa: test performance during live migration06/29/2012 11:51 AM
2628rbdFeatureNewNormalqa: test live migration with qemu06/29/2012 11:51 AM
2789CephTasksNewNormalpkgconfig files for libraries07/19/2012 05:09 AMlibrados
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