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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
90CephFSBugNewHighmds: don't sync log on every clientreplay request03/07/2019 11:32 PMPerformance/Resource Usage
1247Linux kernel clientBugNewNormalkicking capsnaps can send dups01/09/2012 03:40 PMSnapshots
1701Linux kernel clientBugNewNormalkrbd: limits and constants are not consistent in kernel and userspace10/07/2014 09:29 AM
1766Linux kernel clientBugNewLowmon_client: sends request before authentication01/03/2012 10:54 AM
1769Linux kernel clientBugNewLowosd_client: susceptibility to low memory deadlocks01/03/2012 10:52 AM
2129Linux kernel clientBugNewNormalceph: xattr: call __build_xattrs() *before* cap check03/02/2012 08:12 PM
2270websiteBugNewNormalFAQ: cluster size08/08/2019 02:50 PM
2277CephFSBugNewNormalqa: flock test broken12/05/2019 09:34 PMTesting
2590Linux kernel clientBugNewNormalpossible irq lock inversion dependency with con->mutex and osdc->request_mutex12/05/2019 09:34 PMlibceph
3013RADOSBugNewLowdoc: Document ceph-osd --mkfs --osd-uuid, --get-osd-uuid, and friends06/11/2017 06:46 PMAdministration/Usability
3886Linux kernel clientBugNewNormal Futher testing result for the issue "ceph: avoid 32-bit page index overflow"01/22/2013 04:11 AM
4023CephFSBugNewNormalkclient: d_revalidate is abusing d_parent12/05/2019 09:34 PMCorrectness/Safety
4370CephFSBugNewNormalmds: high-cpu utilization in memorymodel:_sample07/20/2016 05:49 AMPerformance/Resource Usage
4646Linux kernel clientBugNeed More InfoNormalkcephfs: writeback pagevec pool size vs stripe unit limit10/07/2014 10:41 AM
4652Linux kernel clientBugNewNormallibceph: messages from pool not initialized10/07/2014 10:37 AM
4689Linux kernel clientBugNewNormallibceph: don't have alloc_msg methods limit lengthDouglas Fuller01/11/2016 05:48 PM
4733CephBugNewLowDecode exception descriptions don't show function name08/23/2013 03:13 PM
4869Linux kernel clientBugNewLowlibceph: osd_client: get_reply() generalize for more ops10/07/2014 10:39 AM
5298RADOSBugNewLowmon: "setting" CRUSH tunables to their current values creates a map06/11/2017 06:48 PMPerformance/Resource Usage
5514RADOSBugNewNormalmon: can get stuck in tight loop with old rotating keys06/11/2017 06:48 PMPerformance/Resource Usage
5634CephBugNewNormalauth startup reports "ObjectNotFound" when keyring file is unreadable12/05/2019 09:34 PM
5765CephFSBugNewNormalkclient: High CPU due to raw_spin_lock in ceph_cap_string03/09/2018 11:44 PMPerformance/Resource Usageperf
6297RADOSBugIn ProgressNormalceph osd tell * will break when FD limit reached, messenger should close pipes as necessaryBrad Hubbard08/05/2021 10:08 PM
6398Ceph-deployBugNewNormaldefault working directory for ceph-deployAlfredo Deza10/03/2014 09:43 AM
6468teuthologyBugNeed More InfoLowcoverage file locations brokenDan Mick09/08/2015 06:48 PM
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