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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
58633bluestoreBackportNewNormalquincy: OSD::mkfs: ObjectStore::mkfs failed with error (5) Input/output errorAdam Kupczyk02/03/2023 09:08 AM
58589bluestoreBackportNewNormalpacific: OSD is unable to allocate free space for BlueFSIgor Fedotov01/26/2023 01:02 AM
58588bluestoreBackportIn ProgressNormalquincy: OSD is unable to allocate free space for BlueFSIgor Fedotov01/26/2023 11:40 AM
58530bluestoreBugTriagedNormalPacific: Significant write amplification as compared to Nautilus02/03/2023 09:07 AM
58463bluestoreBugFix Under ReviewNormalRocksDBTransactionImpl::rm_range_keys doesn't use bound iterator01/17/2023 12:40 AM
58441bluestoreBugNewNormalceph-bluestore-tool fsck crash with "FAILED ceph_assert(v.length() == p->shard_info->bytes)"01/13/2023 11:59 AM
58440bluestoreBugFix Under ReviewNormalBlueFS spillover alert is broken02/03/2023 12:14 PM
58421bluestoreFeatureFix Under ReviewNormalOSD metadata should show the min_alloc_size that each OSD was built with02/01/2023 10:21 AMlow-hanging-fruit
58418bluestoreBugNewNormalunittest mempool always fail on Arm64 CI nodeAdam Kupczyk02/02/2023 03:24 PM
58274bluestoreBugFix Under ReviewHighBlueStore::collection_list becomes extremely slow due to unbounded rocksdb iterationCory Snyder02/02/2023 03:26 PM
58225bluestoreBugNeed More InfoNormalObjectStore/StoreTestSpecificAUSize.SyntheticMatrixCsumVsCompression/2 is killed before completing02/02/2023 03:38 PM
58181bluestoreBackportIn ProgressNormalpacific: KernelDevice::read doesn't translate error codes correctly12/06/2022 12:25 AM
58180bluestoreBackportIn ProgressNormalquincy: KernelDevice::read doesn't translate error codes correctly02/03/2023 09:47 AM
58113bluestoreFeatureFix Under ReviewNormalBLK/Kernel: Improve protection against running one OSD twiceAdam Kupczyk01/20/2023 06:40 PM
58099bluestoreBugNeed More InfoNormalObjectStore/StoreTestSpecificAUSize.SyntheticMatrixPreferDeferred/2 fails12/01/2022 03:14 PM
58022bluestoreBugNewNormalFragmentation score rising by seemingly stuck thread02/01/2023 12:46 AM
57857bluestoreBugPending BackportNormalKernelDevice::read doesn't translate error codes correctly12/05/2022 11:51 PMbackport_processed
57785bluestoreFeatureNewNormalfragmentation score in metrics01/25/2023 06:27 PM
57762bluestoreDocumentationNewNormaldocumentation about same hardware class wrong10/04/2022 05:38 PM
57688bluestoreBackportIn ProgressNormalquincy: unable to read osd superblock on AArch64 with page size 64KIgor Fedotov09/29/2022 01:30 PM
57604bluestoreBackportNewNormalquincy: Log message is little confusingVikhyat Umrao09/19/2022 04:43 PM
57603bluestoreBackportNewNormalpacific: Log message is little confusingVikhyat Umrao09/19/2022 04:43 PM
57537bluestoreBugPending BackportNormalunable to read osd superblock on AArch64 with page size 64Krosin luo09/29/2022 01:30 PMbackport_processed
57507bluestoreBugTriagedNormalrocksdb crushed due to checksum mismatch01/26/2023 12:09 PMcontainer
57458bluestoreBackportIn ProgressNormalquincy: bluefs fsync doesn't respect file truncateIgor Fedotov09/19/2022 11:49 AM
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