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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
14437CalamariSupportNewImmediatedashboard widgets IOPs and Usage are blank09/15/2016 04:25 PMBackend (graphite/diamond)Calamari - 1.3.1
58549rgwBugNewUrgentragweed bootstrap fails with "Invalid version: '0.23ubuntu1' (package: distro-info)"01/23/2023 02:39 PM
58523rgwBugFix Under ReviewUrgentubuntu 22.04: kmip task fails with "Package 'python-dev' has no installation candidate"01/20/2023 04:30 PMqa kmip
58510rgwBugIn ProgressUrgentubuntu 22.04: ragweed bootstrap fails with "./virtualenv/bin/pip: not found"01/19/2023 08:54 PMqa
58492sepiaBugNewUrgentError reimaging machines: Fog has no image.01/18/2023 04:16 PM
58491teuthologyBugNewUrgentlsb_release: command not found (centos stream 9)01/18/2023 04:05 PM
58276rgwBackportNewUrgentquincy: crash: verify_bucket_owner_or_policy12/14/2022 08:05 PM
58275rgwBackportNewUrgentpacific: crash: verify_bucket_owner_or_policy12/14/2022 08:05 PM
58230rgwBugNewUrgentqa/tasks/ fails to run 'tempest init'12/09/2022 04:06 PM
58226InfrastructureBugPending BackportUrgentprojectroot.src.cephadm.run_tox_cephadm (from CTest): .tox/bin/python: No module named tox12/09/2022 01:06 AMbuild,ci,test-failure
58111rgwBugPending BackportUrgentcrash: verify_bucket_owner_or_policy12/14/2022 08:05 PMbackport_processed
57914CephBugNewUrgentcentos 8 build failed10/28/2022 09:42 PM
57905rgwBugNewUrgentmultisite: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'ceph::buffer::v15_2_0::end_of_buffer'01/19/2023 05:48 PMmultisite
57702rgwBackportNewUrgentquincy: rgw/crypt/barbican: Cannot create secret09/28/2022 03:02 PM
57701rgwBackportNewUrgentpacific: rgw/crypt/barbican: Cannot create secret09/28/2022 03:02 PM
57296InfrastructureBugNewUrgentInternal compiler errors and unmet dependencies on some sepia nodes09/09/2022 10:12 PM
56980CephFSBackportNewUrgentoctopus: mgr/volumes: Subvolume creation failed on FIPs enabled system07/30/2022 11:45 AM
56979CephFSBackportIn ProgressUrgentquincy: mgr/volumes: Subvolume creation failed on FIPs enabled system08/10/2022 03:18 PM
55823Linux kernel clientBugNewUrgentNETDEV WATCHDOG: enp3s0f1 (ixgbe): transmit queue 3 timed out06/06/2022 07:22 PM
55243rgwBackportNewUrgentoctopus: rgwlc: ordinary expiration can remove delete-markers at end of current listing step04/08/2022 02:00 PM
55179rgwBugNewUrgentmultisite: version_suspended_incremental_sync test sometime fails08/11/2022 02:36 PM
54247rgwBugPending BackportUrgentrgw/crypt/barbican: Cannot create secret09/28/2022 03:02 PMbarbican backport_processed
53866rgwBackportNewUrgentpacific: notification tests failing: 'find /home/ubuntu/cephtest -ls ; rmdir -- /home/ubuntu/cephtest'01/13/2022 03:05 PM
53442mgrBugPending BackportUrgentmgr: pg_num scales beyond pgp_num08/08/2022 04:30 PMbackport_processed
52520mgrBackportNewUrgentoctopus: pg_autoscaler causes device_health_metrics pool to use 128 pgs preventing rgw from being deployed 09/06/2021 04:11 PM
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