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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
58191rbdBugNewNormal[test] rbd-mirror-snapshot-stress-workunit-exclusive-lock workunit failures (ENOSPC?)12/06/2022 05:44 PM
58190rgwBugNewNormalLarge RGW GC queue might prevent OSD from starting12/06/2022 11:46 PM
58189ceph-volumeSupportNewNormalceph-volume inventory did not list devices12/06/2022 12:57 PM
58185rbdBugNewNormalflatten swallows EINVAL errors (goes for other maintenance ops/other errors as well)12/06/2022 10:50 AM
58184ceph-ansibleFeatureNewNormalcephadm DriveGroup can't handle different crush_device_classes12/06/2022 10:00 AMCeph - v17.2.6
58183OrchestratorFixNewNormalcephadm/ingress: s3cmd multi-part upload failing12/06/2022 06:41 AMorchestrator
58182CephBugNewNormalSuicide when osd bootup timeout12/06/2022 03:07 AM
58181bluestoreBackportIn ProgressNormalpacific: KernelDevice::read doesn't translate error codes correctly12/06/2022 12:25 AM
58180bluestoreBackportNewNormalquincy: KernelDevice::read doesn't translate error codes correctly12/05/2022 11:51 PM
58178RADOSBugNewNormalFAILED ceph_assert(last_e.version.version < e.version.version)12/05/2022 11:50 PM
58177OrchestratorBackportNewNormalpacific: cephadm/ingress: support TLS RGW backend12/05/2022 07:41 PM
58176OrchestratorBackportNewNormalquincy: cephadm/ingress: support TLS RGW backend12/05/2022 07:41 PM
58169RADOSBackportNewNormalquincy: extra debugs for: [mon] high cpu usage by fn_monstore thread12/05/2022 06:24 PM
58168RADOSFeaturePending BackportNormalextra debugs for: [mon] high cpu usage by fn_monstore thread12/05/2022 06:24 PMbackport_processed
58167rgwBugNewHighNo Authentication/Authorization for creating topics on RGW12/05/2022 05:04 PM
58166RADOSBugNeed More InfoNormalmon:DAEMON_OLD_VERSION newer versions is considered older than earlier 12/05/2022 06:24 PM
58162crimsonBugNewNormalseastar sharded object destructor assert when crimosd handle error12/05/2022 03:16 AM
58161rbdTasksNewNormal[luks] exercise layered encryption with ceph_test_librbd_fsx12/06/2022 05:40 PM
58160rbdBugNewNormal[luks] encryption-aware flatten/resize can be proxied to a peer that doesn't have encryption loaded (or just too old)12/04/2022 04:40 PM
58158OrchestratorFeatureNewNormalOSD container's shutdown timeout should be raised (and configurable)12/06/2022 10:05 AM
58157CephBugNewNormalCeph Orchestrator fails to recognize partition.12/02/2022 09:26 PM
58146OrchestratorBugPending Error: Error initializing source docker:// 05:30 PMquincy backport_processed
58145OrchestratorBugNewHighorch/cephadm: nfs tests failing to mount exports (mount -t nfs /mnt/foo' fails)12/07/2022 03:33 AM
58140OrchestratorBugNeed More manifest unknown12/06/2022 02:41 PM
58139CephBugNewNormalMON spams with Refuse to add /dev/sdq due to limit policy12/01/2022 09:56 AM
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