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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
41386mgrBugPending BackportHighpg_autoscaler: pool id key not present in pool_stats08/22/2019 05:27 PMpg_autoscaler module
41352rbdBugPending BackportNormalmgr/rbd_support: error: Name 'image_spec' is not definedJason Dillaman08/21/2019 02:26 PM
41348CephBugPending BackportNormalosd: need clear PG_STATE_CLEAN when repair object08/23/2019 05:11 AM
41330RADOSBugPending BackportNormalhidden corei7 requirement in binary packagesKefu Chai08/20/2019 02:32 PM
41301bluestoreBugPending BackportNormalos/bluestore/BlueFS: use 64K alloc_size on the shared deviceSage Weil08/15/2019 05:31 PM
41296CephBugPending BackportNormalceph-test RPM not built for SUSENathan Cutler08/19/2019 10:18 AM
41295ceph-volumeBugPending BackportNormalbatch functional idempotency test fails since message is now on stderr08/21/2019 12:17 PM
41292ceph-volumeBugPending BackportNormalregression: [filestore,bluestore] single type strategies fail after tracking devices as setsJan Fajerski08/16/2019 07:16 AM
41253RADOSBugPending BackportNormal"CMake Error" in test_envlibrados_for_rocksdb.shKefu Chai08/18/2019 07:00 AM
41252rgwBugPending BackportHighrgw_file: readdir: do not construct markers w/leading '/'Matt Benjamin08/15/2019 05:33 PM
41250RADOSBugPending BackportNormalosd/PrimaryLogPG: Access destroyed references in finish_degraded_objecttao ning08/16/2019 12:22 PMCorrectness/Safety
41229rbdBugPending BackportHightoo slow to delete a big empty volume08/23/2019 05:39 PM
41217RADOSBugPending BackportNormalmon: C_AckMarkedDown has not handled the Callback Arguments08/23/2019 05:24 AM
41216CephBugPending BackportNormalos/bluestore: Don't forget sub kv_submitted_waiters.08/13/2019 01:48 AM
41215bluestoreBugPending BackportNormalos/bluestore: do not set osd_memory_target default from cgroup limit08/19/2019 08:12 PM
41200RADOSBugPending BackportHighosd: fix ceph_assert(mem_avail >= 0) caused by the unset cgroup memory limit08/21/2019 08:11 PMCeph - v15.0.0
41194CephBugPending BackportNormalproc_replica_log need preserve replica log's crtZengran Zhang08/23/2019 06:59 AM
41189rgwBugPending BackportNormalrgw: Put User Policy is sensitive to whitespace08/15/2019 06:02 PM
41188bluestoreBugPending BackportUrgentincorrect RW_IO_MAX08/15/2019 09:27 PM
41177CephBugPending BackportNormalceph-objectstore-tool: update-mon-db return EINVAL with missed inc_osdmapKefu Chai08/20/2019 03:08 PM
41173rgwBugPending BackportNormalrgw_file: advance_mtime() takes RGWFileHandle::mutex unconditionally08/09/2019 02:01 PM
41172CephBugPending BackportNormalPotential crash in putbjAdam Emerson08/08/2019 05:12 PM
41169rgwBugPending BackportHighbeast frontend throws an exception when running out of FDsYuval Lifshitz08/13/2019 03:58 PMbeast
41164fsBugPending BackportNormalcephfs-shell: onecmd throws TypeErrorVarsha Rao08/14/2019 10:04 PMCeph - v15.0.0
41163fsBugPending BackportNormalcephfs-shell: Convert files path type from string to bytesVarsha Rao08/14/2019 10:03 PMCode HygieneCeph - v15.0.0
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