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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
49459CephFSBugPending BackportNormalpybind/cephfs: DT_REG and DT_LNK values are wrongVarsha Rao02/26/2021 05:32 PMCeph - v17.0.0
49419CephFSBugPending BackportNormalcephfs-mirror: dangling pointer in PeerReplayer Ronen Friedman02/23/2021 07:05 AMCorrectness/SafetyCeph - v17.0.0
49418rbdBugPending BackportNormal[rbd-mirror] 699: FAILED ceph_assert(m_update_status_task != nullptr)Mykola Golub02/24/2021 02:07 PM
49410rbdBugPending BackportNormalkrbd: make sure the device node is accessible after the mappingIlya Dryomov02/23/2021 09:20 PM
49400mgrFeaturePending BackportNormalpg_autoscaler avoid scale-down until there is pressureKamoltat Sirivadhna02/20/2021 07:37 PM
49383bluestoreBugPending BackportNormalBlueFS reads might improperly rebuild internal buffer under an shared lock02/19/2021 03:27 PM
49379CephFSBugPending BackportHighclient: wake up the front pos waiterXiubo Li02/26/2021 05:31 PMCeph - v17.0.0
49374CephFSBugPending BackportNormalmgr/volumes: Bump up the AuthMetadataManager's version to 6Kotresh Hiremath Ravishankar02/23/2021 04:49 AM
49372CephFSDocumentationPending BackportNormaldoc: broken links multimds and kcephfsJos Collin02/22/2021 05:34 PMCeph - v17.0.0
49357rgwBugPending BackportNormalmultisite: etag verifier misidentifies multipart uploads with only one part02/19/2021 02:52 PMmultisite etag
49355mgrBugPending BackportNormalrbd_support: should bail out if snapshot mirroring is not enabled02/26/2021 03:36 AMCeph - v17.0.0
49330rgwBugPending BackportNormalmultisite: add testing for mixed cluster versionsCasey Bodley02/17/2021 06:29 PMmultisite
49309CephFSBugPending BackportNormalnautilus: qa: "Assertion `cb_done' failed."Jeff Layton02/25/2021 10:18 PMCeph - v17.0.0
49296CephBugPending BackportHighlink to tcmalloc for ppc64le and s390xChristina Meno02/15/2021 09:37 PM
49294CephFSBugPending BackportHighpacific: pybind/ceph_volume_client: volume authorize/deauthorize crashes with 'volume' key not foundKotresh Hiremath Ravishankar02/26/2021 05:01 PM
49291mgrCleanupPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: fix MTU Mismatch alertAashish Sharma02/17/2021 01:16 PMCeph - v17.0.0
49284rbdBugPending BackportNormal[rbd_support] mirror snapshot scheduler attempts to snapshot non-primary imagesMykola Golub02/20/2021 07:41 PM
49282rbdBugPending BackportNormalcannot disable journaling for snapshot based mirroring imageMykola Golub02/20/2021 04:43 PM
49261rgwBugPending BackportNormalpubsub: FAIL: test radosgw-admin commands, AssertionError: 11 != 10Yuval Lifshitz02/17/2021 02:30 PMmultisite
49245rbdBugPending BackportNormalrbd: harmless error messages when running `mirror pool status --verbose` for pool with non-mirror imagesMykola Golub02/12/2021 03:51 AM
49243mgrCleanupPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: set XFrame options and Content Security Policy headersAvan Thakkar02/22/2021 04:52 PMdashboard/backendCeph - v17.0.0
49239OrchestratorBugPending BackportNormalcephadm cannot deploy OSDs with selinux-policy-minimum02/18/2021 07:13 PM
49238rbdBugPending BackportNormal[rbd-mirror] interrupted image creation might result in unlinked imagesJason Dillaman02/22/2021 01:17 PM
49226rbdBugPending BackportNormallibrbd: refuse to release exclusive lock when removingIlya Dryomov02/11/2021 07:33 PM
49222CephBugPending BackportNormalWindows Event log support02/10/2021 10:50 AM
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