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# Project Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
53034OrchestratorNormalpodman-3.0.1-6 crashedSebastian Wagner10/25/2021 03:23 PM
53033OrchestratorNormalcephadm removes MONs during upgrade 15.2.14 > 16.2.6 which leads to failed quorum and broken clusterTobias Fischer10/25/2021 03:20 PMcephadm
53030rgwHighrgw nfs export at user-level crash on readdirSage Weil10/25/2021 02:50 PM
53029rgwNormalradosgw-admin fails on "sync status" if a single RGW process is downDavid Piper10/25/2021 02:08 PM
53025CephNormalOSD timing out causes all the RGW to stop providing serviceAlex Kershaw10/25/2021 10:43 AM
53016CephNormalnautilus:rgw:init_multipart saves uncoded tagszhuo li10/22/2021 09:33 AM
53003rgwHighPerformance regression on rgw/s3 copy operationCasey BodleyCasey Bodley10/22/2021 06:34 AMcopy
53002bluestoreNormalcrash BlueStore::Onode::put from BlueStore::TransContext::~TransContextDan van der Ster10/21/2021 12:16 PM
53001crimsonNormalunittest-btree-lba-manager times out in arm64 tests jenkins PR checks Deepika Upadhyay10/21/2021 08:27 AM
53000RADOSNormalOSDMap/OSDMapTest.BUG_51842/2: ThreadPool::WorkQueue<ParallelPGMapper::Item>::_void_dequeue: pure virtual method calledMykola Golub10/25/2021 06:28 AM
52997Linux kernel clientHighrhel: hanging umountPatrick DonnellyJeff Layton10/21/2021 01:54 PM
52993RADOSNormalupgrade:octopus-x Test: Upgrade test failed due to timeout of the "ceph pg dump" commandSridhar Seshasayee10/20/2021 07:39 PM
52984websiteNormalhttps://* not redirected to https://ceph.ioDan van der Ster10/20/2021 08:13 PM
52983DashboardNormalmgr/dashboard: wrong data with bonding ethernet in Netork load | Top 10 hostsPere Díaz BouPere Díaz Bou10/20/2021 03:23 PMMonitoring
52982CephFSHighclient: Inode::hold_caps_until should be a time from a monotonic clockPatrick DonnellyNeeraj Pratap Singh10/20/2021 02:42 PMCorrectness/SafetyCeph - v17.0.0
52975CephFSNormalNo active MDS after cluster deploymentIgor FedotovVenky Shankar10/25/2021 01:47 PMCorrectness/SafetyCeph - v17.0.0
52973Linux kernel clientNormaladd test for mounting volume after blocklistingJeff Layton10/19/2021 01:41 PM
52969CephNormaluse "ceph df" command found pool max avail increase when there are degraded objects in it minghang zhao10/19/2021 02:12 AM
52967RADOSHighpremerge pgs may be backfill_wait for a long timeSage Weil10/18/2021 05:54 PM
52963rgwNormalpubsub: duplicate events are seen when there are more than 2 zonesYuval LifshitzYuval Lifshitz10/18/2021 01:19 PMpubsub
52948RADOSHighosd: fails to come up: "teuthology.misc:7 of 8 OSDs are up" Patrick Donnelly10/25/2021 08:59 PMCeph - v17.0.0
52946DashboardNormalmgr/dashboard: Grafana "Highest Read/Write Latencies" tables show NaN onlyErnesto PuertaAashish Sharma10/15/2021 01:03 PMMonitoringCeph - v16.2.7
52930CephNormalCannot get 'quorum_status' output from socket fileKarun Josy10/14/2021 12:49 PMMonitor
52929mgrNormalmgr/prometheus: mgr triggers ERROR when promoted from standby to active "Port 9283 not bound on ..."Tim Small10/25/2021 09:39 PMprometheus module
52928mgrHighmgr: when importing from NFS module in Dashboard module, Dashboard module is IMPERSONATING the NFS moduleAlfonso Martínez10/14/2021 10:20 AMceph-mgrCeph - v17.0.0
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