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58274bluestoreBugNewHighBlueStore::collection_list becomes extremely slow due to unbounded rocksdb iterationCory Snyder01/03/2023 08:01 AM
20847bluestoreBugNewNormallow performance for bluestore rbd block creation vs filestore12/05/2019 09:35 PM
37282bluestoreBugNeed More InfoNormalrocksdb: submit_transaction_sync error: Corruption: block checksum mismatch code = 208/12/2020 05:00 PMCeph - v15.0.0
38745bluestoreBugIn ProgressNormalspillover that doesn't make senseAdam Kupczyk07/20/2020 06:37 AM
39318bluestoreBugNewNormalw_await high when rockdb compacting03/16/2022 07:33 AM
39529bluestoreBugNeed More InfoNormalbluestore transaction apparently lost on osd restartSage Weil10/31/2019 02:36 PM
40300bluestoreBugNewNormalceph-osd segfault: "rocksdb: Corruption: file is too short"02/03/2021 12:09 PM
40412bluestoreBugNewNormalos/bluestore: osd_memory_target_cgroup_limit_ratio won't work with SELinuxRadoslaw Zarzynski06/27/2019 02:14 PM
40741bluestoreBugTriagedNormalMass OSD failure, unable to restartIgor Fedotov06/05/2020 09:54 PMCeph - v14.2.1
40938bluestoreBugNeed More InfoNormalSome osd processes restart automatically after adding osd10/31/2019 02:24 PM
42166bluestoreBugNeed More InfoNormalcrash when LRU trimming11/12/2019 03:15 PM
42293bluestoreBugNewNormalbluestore/rocksdb: wrong Fast CRC32 supported log printing on AArch64 platform10/14/2019 03:50 AMCeph - v14.2.5 688: FAILED assert(off % block_size == 0)11/05/2019 12:10 AM
43068bluestoreBugNewNormalon disk size (81292) does not match object info size (81237)08/01/2020 02:56 PM
44359bluestoreBugNewNormalRaw usage reported by 'ceph osd df' incorrect when using WAL/DB on another drive06/02/2020 08:19 PM
44544bluestoreBugNewNormalVDO, Wrong RAW space calculation after add 512gb of data in pool.03/10/2020 12:57 PMCeph - v14.2.7
44937bluestoreBugNeed More InfoNormalbluestore rocksdb max_background_compactions regression in 12.2.1305/21/2020 08:22 PM
45519bluestoreBugNewNormalOSD asserts during block allocation for BlueFS02/14/2021 04:11 PM
45703bluestoreBugNewNormalLruOnodeCacheShard::_add: Assertion `!safemode_or_autounlink || node_algorithms::inited(to_insert)' failed07/30/2020 02:11 PM
46525bluestoreBugNeed More InfoNormalosd crush06/08/2021 12:13 PM
46994bluestoreBugNeed More InfoNormal14.2.11 OSD crash 1662: FAILED ceph_assert(r == 0)08/27/2020 02:03 PM
47330bluestoreBugNewNormalceph-osd can't start when CURRENT file does not end with newline or content is emptydaolong zhang12/21/2021 08:23 PM
47446bluestoreBugNewNormalNo snap trim progress after removing large snapshots07/30/2021 06:02 PM
47453bluestoreBugNewNormalchecksum failures lead to assert on OSD shutdown in lab tests03/03/2022 03:07 PM
47874bluestoreBugNeed More InfoNormalAllocation error even though the block has 50 GB free10/29/2020 02:26 PM
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