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49818bluestoreBugFix Under ReviewImmediateos/bluestore/ FAILED ceph_assert(o->pinned) in BlueStore::Collection::split_cache()Igor Fedotov03/22/2021 10:34 AM
45512teuthologyBugNewImmediateJobs are running on the same machine at the same timeAishwarya Mathuria10/20/2021 08:32 PM
52590CephBugNewUrgent"[ FAILED ] CmpOmap.cmp_vals_u64_invalid_default" in upgrade:pacific-p2p-pacific09/13/2021 02:29 PM
52399bluestoreBugFix Under ReviewUrgentsrc/os/bluestore/ FAILED ceph_assert(false)Gabriel BenHanokh10/25/2021 03:53 PM
52260CephFSBugNewUrgent 1 MDSs are read only | pacific 16.2.5Milind Changire09/17/2021 09:39 AMfsck/damage handling
52101paddlesBugNewUrgentpaddles: race condition in Job.set_or_update()Aishwarya Mathuria08/16/2021 04:33 PM
52085rgwBugIn ProgressUrgentcrypt: can't load client cert from /home/ubuntu/cephtest/ca/kmip-client.crtMarcus Watts09/23/2021 02:11 PMsse kmip
51772rgwBugNewUrgenttempest failures: test_create_container_with_remove_metadata_key/valueJ. Eric Ivancich10/14/2021 02:07 PMtempest metadata
51539rgwBugNewUrgentrgw/crypt s3tests with vault: Failed to retrieve the actual key, kms-keyid: my-key-1Marcus Watts09/03/2021 08:05 AMvault sse
51282mgrBugNewUrgentpybind/mgr/mgr_util: .mgr pool may be created too early causing spurious PG_DEGRADED warningsNeha Ojha09/08/2021 12:16 AMCeph - v17.0.0
51281CephFSBugIn ProgressUrgentqa: "echo 'FAIL: bad match, /tmp/a 4637e766853d1ad16a7b17079e2c6f03 != real c3883760b18d50e8d78819c54d579b00'"Venky Shankar08/24/2021 12:29 PMCeph - v17.0.0
51076RADOSBugNewUrgent"wait_for_recovery: failed before timeout expired" during thrashosd test with EC backend.Neha Ojha10/13/2021 07:09 PM
50878ceph-volumeBugNewUrgentceph-volume can purge OSD being re-created05/18/2021 09:04 PM
50788bluestoreBugNewUrgentcrash in BlueStore::Onode::put()Adam Kupczyk09/23/2021 07:10 PM
50659RADOSBugNewUrgentSegmentation fault under Pacific 16.2.1 when using a custom crush location hook Adam Kupczyk09/02/2021 05:48 PM
50608RADOSBugNewUrgentceph_assert(is_primary()) in PrimaryLogPG::on_local_recover05/25/2021 09:36 AM
50577ceph-ansibleBugTriagedUrgentmigrate NFS exports form ceph-ansible to mgr/nfsVarsha Rao07/05/2021 12:40 PMCeph - v17.0.0
50387CephFSBugTriagedUrgentclient: fs/snaps failureMilind Changire04/20/2021 09:00 PMCeph - v17.0.0
50250CephFSBugNewUrgentmds: "log [WRN] : Scrub error on inode 0x10000004506 (/client.0/tmp/clients/client3/~dmtmp/COREL) see mds.a log and `damage ls` output for details" ("freshly-calculated rstats don't match existing ones")Milind Changire07/06/2021 06:52 PMCeph - v17.0.0
50221CephFSBugNewUrgentqa: snaptest-git-ceph failure in git diff05/04/2021 12:12 AMCeph - v17.0.0
50089RADOSBugNewUrgentmon/MonMap.h: FAILED ceph_assert(m < ranks.size()) when reducing number of monitors in the clusterGreg Farnum07/01/2021 09:20 PM
49864InfrastructureBugNewUrgentPassed jobs classified as dead due to "Could not report results to"Josh Durgin08/12/2021 11:35 PM
49855crimsonBugNewUrgenttest/crimson: FailoverTestPeer::init(entity_addr_t)::<lambda(const std::error_code&)>', abort(%s)03/29/2021 07:01 AM
49717CephBugNewUrgent"SELinux denials found" in upgrade:luminous-x-nautilus-distro-basic-gibba03/10/2021 04:44 PM
49689RADOSBugNewUrgentosd/ ceph_abort_msg("past_interval start interval mismatch") start09/17/2021 05:56 PM
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