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36640Newluminous: Unable to recover from ENOSPC in BlueFSIgor Fedotov
38160In Progressluminous: KernelDevice exclusive lock brokenShyukri Shyukriev
41462In Progressluminous: incorrect RW_IO_MAXShyukri Shyukriev
46195Newluminous: BlueFS replay log grows without end
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21731Need More Infoluminous: ceph_test_objectstore fails ObjectStore/StoreTest.Synthetic/1 (filestore) buffer lengths mismatch expected 0x1a2c1 != actual 0x0
25221Need More Infoluminous: common: Cond.h:C_SaferCond does not check done before calling cond.WaitInterval, creating a race conditionPrashant D
36521Need More Infoluminous: ceph-authtool reports 0 caps for any keyring createdNathan Cutler
37741In Progressluminous: rbd-mirror and radosgw packages should requires ceph-basePrashant D
37895Newluminous: doc: updated Ceph documentation links
38547Newluminous: doc: update reference link for log-based PG
39183Need More Infoluminous: Primary won't automatically repair replica on pulling error
40271Newluminous: make check failure: "patch: command not found"
40541Newluminous: ceph daemon mon.a config set mon_health_to_clog false cause leader mon assert
41699Newluminous: "make check" failing in GitHub due to python packaging conflict
42106In Progressluminous: "docs: build check" broken in stable branchesNathan Cutler
42318In Progressluminous: msg/async: do not bump connect_seq for fault during ACCEPTING_SESSION
45403In Progressluminous: mon/OSDMonitor: maps not trimmed if osds are downJoao Eduardo Luis
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22386In Progressluminous: ceph-fuse mount failed because no mds Nathan Cutler
42322In Progressluminous: qa: get rid of iterkeys for py3 compatibilityShyukri Shyukriev
42396Newluminous: Use python3 compatible print
42419Newluminous: qa/tasks: use items() for py3 compatibility
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41857In Progressluminous: client: removing dir reports "not empty" issue due to client side filled wrong dir offset Patrick Donnelly
42123In Progressluminous: client: no method to handle SEEK_HOLE and SEEK_DATA in lseekPatrick Donnelly
42160In Progressluminous: osdc: objecter ops output does not have useful time informationPatrick Donnelly
44476In Progressluminous: mds: assert(p != active_requests.end())Sidharth Anupkrishnan
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