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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
53181CephBugPending BackportNormalrgw: wrong UploadPartCopy error code when src object not exist and src bucket not exist 08/08/2022 04:30 PMCeph - v17.0.0multipart copy backport_processed
44660rgwBugFix Under ReviewNormalMultipart re-uploads cause orphan dataMatt Benjamin01/23/2023 01:37 PMmultipart gc
58594rgwBugNewNormalMultiPart Upload with Bucket Policy FailsMarcus Watts02/02/2023 03:11 PMmultipart policy sse
53016rgwBugFix Under ReviewNormalinit_multipart saves uncoded tagsCasey Bodley12/15/2022 02:52 PMmultipart tags
20284rgwBugIn ProgressNormal【rgw】multipart object leak when re-upload the same number partMatt Benjamin07/06/2017 06:15 PMmultipart upload, leak
57905rgwBugNewUrgentmultisite: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'ceph::buffer::v15_2_0::end_of_buffer'01/19/2023 05:48 PMmultisite
57804rgwBugNeed More InfoNormalEnabling sync on bucket not working01/04/2023 09:03 AMCeph - v16.2.11multisite
57783rgwBugIn ProgressNormalmultisite: data sync reports shards behind after source zone fully trims datalog10/20/2022 02:21 PMmultisite
56682CephBugNewNormalmultisite: log trimming tests are failing when running teuthology locally07/24/2022 12:27 PMmultisite
55770rgwBugNewNormalmultisite: metadata full sync does not copy mdlog entries, so can't serve them after failover05/26/2022 02:55 PMmultisite
53708rgwBugNewNormalceph multisite sync deleted unversioned object failed10/19/2022 01:21 PMCeph - v14.2.23multisite
53668rgwBugNeed More InfoNormalWhy not add a xxx.retry obJ to metadata synchronization at multisite for exception retries02/08/2022 02:34 AMCeph - v14.2.23multisite
53029rgwBugTriagedNormalradosgw-admin fails on "sync status" if a single RGW process is down11/14/2022 03:10 PMmultisite
49260rgwBugNewNormalmultisite: test_concurrent_versioned_object_incremental_sync failure03/29/2021 01:38 PMmultisite
45620rgwBugNewNormaltest_suspended_delete_marker_full_sync test in failing in teuthologyCasey Bodley03/25/2021 07:29 PMmultisite
45201rgwBugNewNormalmultisite: buckets deleted on secondary remain on masterShilpa MJ04/30/2020 02:18 PMmultisite
44426rgwTasksNewNormalmultisite: each data sync shard caches its bucket sync status03/04/2020 04:13 PMmultisite
44425rgwTasksNewNormalmultisite: bucket full sync uses bucket-wide listing03/04/2020 03:56 PMmultisite
44424rgwTasksNewNormalmultisite: track bucket sync status in a single object03/04/2020 03:50 PMmultisite
43374rgwFeatureNewNormalmultisite: radosgw-admin data/metadata sync run should support --shard-id12/18/2019 07:12 PMmultisite
43358rgwFeatureNewNormalmultisite: sync status commands that expose timestamp comparisons for each shard12/17/2019 07:42 PMmultisite
43357rgwBugTriagedNormalmultisite: automatically detect radosgw-admin 'sync init' commandsShilpa MJ07/13/2022 04:48 PMmultisite
41230rgwBugIn ProgressNormalmultisite: better spread multisite sync load over cooperating gatewaysOr Friedmann09/27/2022 01:15 PMmultisite
40436rgwBugNewNormalmultisite: use-after-free of RGWFetchRemoteObjCR::zones_trace06/19/2019 06:50 PMmultisite
40177rgwBugFix Under ReviewNormalmultisite: delete full sync index before switching to incremental sync03/12/2020 08:55 PMmultisite
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