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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
10169teuthologyFeatureNewNormalpulpito: cleanup/improve "By Suite" drop down11/25/2014 11:03 AM
10189teuthologyFeatureNewNormalneed a UI for test run scheduling11/25/2014 11:01 AM
10159rgwFeatureNewNormalrgw: sync agent support for object versioning11/20/2014 03:35 PM
9827teuthologyFeatureNewHighValidation of each step output11/20/2014 03:17 PM
10143Ceph-deployBugNewNormalceph-deploy - giant - looking for ceph-release-1-0.el6.noarch.rpm in wrong location11/19/2014 12:59 PM
10136teuthologyFeatureNewNormalrobust scheduling against multiple os types/versions11/18/2014 04:02 PM
10134teuthologyFeatureNewNormalAllow generalization of upgrade suites, so they can run on different branches w/o modifications (aka x-y-z concept)11/18/2014 02:42 PM
7104CephFeatureNewNormalrest-api: support commands requiring 'w' cap without 'rw' cap11/18/2014 02:07 PMrest-api
9930CephCleanupNewNormalgtest: update, move to submodule11/18/2014 01:33 PM
7070CalamariFeatureNewNormalRemove plugin system from the cthulhuChristina Meno11/18/2014 07:01 AMBackend (services)
9591CalamariFeatureNewNormalLOCALE: Support localization for 'Manage'11/18/2014 07:01 AMUI
8663CalamariFeatureNewNormalCRUSH: Add CRUD to calamari api for crush_rules11/18/2014 07:00 AMBackend (REST API)
9943CephFeatureIn ProgressNormalosd: mark pg and use replica on EIO from client read Wei Luo11/18/2014 01:49 AM
10024CephSupportNewNormalCluster unreachable after restart11/13/2014 07:17 AM
10084teuthologyFeatureNewNormaleasy switching between different teuthology configurations11/12/2014 09:51 AM
9637teuthologyFeatureNewNormalnegative constraints for os_type, os_version11/12/2014 09:45 AM
9933rgwFeatureNewNormalrgw: implement S3 RR (reduced redundancy) API11/11/2014 02:14 PM
9764CalamariFeatureNewNormalCRUSH: Report Not modified on the crush_node resource when no changes would be made11/11/2014 12:47 PMBackend (REST API)
9848CalamariFeatureNewNormalLOCALE: add placeholders to displayed text in manage app11/11/2014 12:47 PMUI
9847CalamariFeatureNewNormalLOCALE: add placeholders to displayed text in dashboard11/11/2014 12:46 PMUI
9849CalamariFeatureNewNormalLOCALE: create a non-sense language locale for visual indication that strings on the display are not properly translated 11/11/2014 12:46 PMUI
9850CalamariFeatureNewNormalLOCALE: create howto documentation for new translations11/11/2014 12:46 PMDocs
9862CalamariTasksNewNormalLOCALE: check that features in changelog for release X.Y.Z have not added text in the UI that is not internationalizable.11/11/2014 12:46 PMUI
9879CalamariTasksNewNormalLOCALE: Upgrade Angular JS from 1.2 to 1.3 before doing i18n updatesYan-Fa Li11/11/2014 12:46 PMUI
7273teuthologyFeatureNewNormaldownburst should be in teuthology's requirements.txt11/11/2014 09:27 AM
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