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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
57339DashboardFeatureNewNormalUse filepaths for host certificates09/02/2022 09:48 AM
9275CalamariFeatureFix Under ReviewNormalUse FQDN for ceph_deploy AND ServerName in calamari.confChristina Meno12/05/2019 09:45 PMBackend (packaging/deployment)
47536DashboardCleanupNewNormalUse generic cd-table-key-value component for showing details04/15/2021 05:04 PMGeneral
51537CephFeatureFix Under ReviewNormaluse git `Prepare Commit Message` hook to add component in commit title02/04/2022 03:26 PMCeph - v18.0.0low-hanging-fruit
57568cleanupTasksNewNormaluse neorados instead of librados09/15/2022 03:15 PM
8631teuthologyFeatureNewNormalUse paddles as primary queueZack Cerza12/05/2019 09:41 PM
16018CephFeatureNewNormalUse power crc32-vpmsum to accelerate crc32c performance on power8 platformmin fang05/25/2016 12:10 PM
7911CalamariFeatureNewNormalUse public salt interfaces only03/31/2014 04:57 AMBackend (services)
23123RADOSFeatureNewNormaluse pwrite to emulate posix_fallocate07/20/2022 11:53 PMlow-hanging-fruit
49319sepiaBugNewNormaluse RHEL8 for aarch64 buildersDavid Galloway02/19/2021 01:50 PMGitbuilder
57061RADOSBugFix Under ReviewNormalUse single cluster log level (mon_cluster_log_level) config to control verbosity of cluster logs while logging to external entitiesPrashant D09/29/2022 02:54 PM
1355Linux kernel clientFeatureNewNormaluse SKB destructor in messenger?01/03/2012 10:51 AMlibceph
55608bluestoreFeatureFix Under ReviewNormalUse swap for deferred_stable when not bluefs_layout.single_shared_device() in _kv_sync_thread06/13/2022 01:21 PM
50032RADOSBugNewNormalused space in ceph df reported incorrectly for filestore OSDs03/29/2021 07:40 AM
12207teuthologyFeatureNewNormalUseful teuthology scripts should be able to be installed independent of the install script.07/03/2015 01:27 AM
53622mgrTasksNewNormalUser + Dev Monthly Meeting: Collect osdmaps for balancer testing07/22/2022 05:33 PMbalancer module
51325rgwBugPending BackportHighUser has assume_role permission can access to any bucketPritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:33 PMbackport_processed
55603rgwBugPending BackportNormaluser policy API incompatibilities with aws08/08/2022 04:26 PMiam backport_processed
26859devopsBugNewNormalUser reports they can't create new issues08/06/2018 05:04 PM
42786rgwBugTriagedNormalUser use doscli can not get、info or put objects in other buckets within ":" in those objects even the user have the permission.Pritha Srivastava08/05/2021 03:24 PMCeph - v15.0.0
45236rgwBugFix Under ReviewNormaluser_id contains ":" can't have subuserAbhishek Lekshmanan05/14/2020 02:17 PM
48513rgwFeatureNewNormaluses librgw2 to directly access the rados cluster for hadoop12/09/2020 11:57 AMCeph - v16.0.0
13629Ceph-deployBugNewHighusing --gpg-url alone doesn't do anythingAlfredo Deza10/28/2015 01:50 PM
49179DashboardBugNewNormalusing a host_pattern for osd selection resulted in the placement representing the name as a list of charsErnesto Puerta04/15/2021 04:59 PMComponent - Services & DaemonsCeph - v16.1.0
57326rgwBugPending BackportNormalusing a string_view on a temporary string objectCasey Bodley09/22/2022 02:25 PMlow-hanging-fruit backport_processed
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