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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
58533CephBackportIn ProgressNormalpacific: need to replace SUSE usrmerged macro with version checkTim Serong01/23/2023 03:46 AM
58532OrchestratorBugIn ProgressNormalcephadm: "host.containers.internal" iscsi GW entry is created automatically in cephadm iscsi deploymentsAdam King01/22/2023 12:10 AM
58530bluestoreBugNewNormalPacific: Significant write amplification as compared to Nautilus01/27/2023 02:51 PM
58529RADOSBugNewNormalosd: very slow recovery due to delayed push reply messagesSridhar Seshasayee01/20/2023 09:15 PM
58528MessengersBugNewNormalmsgr: Significant write stalls encountered when the messenger throttle activates01/24/2023 10:44 PMProtocolV2
58525CephBugNewNormalRBD map failed: connection timed out01/20/2023 04:10 PMceph cli
58522CephDocumentationNeed More InfoNormalConfiguration Documentation Update Project 2023Zac Dover01/23/2023 09:17 AM
58520DashboardBugNewNormalmgr/dashboard: change the positioning of button in cluster expansionNizamudeen A01/20/2023 12:59 PMUX
58519devopsBugNewNormalpackaging: Use %_fortify_level to disable fortification 01/20/2023 12:37 PMrpmCeph - v17.2.6
58518rgwBugFix Under ReviewNormalrgw: Support disabling bucket replication using sync-policySoumya Koduri01/20/2023 11:19 AM
58515ceph-volumeFeatureIn ProgressNormalsupport LV devices as block device for raw osd preparationGuillaume Abrioux01/19/2023 07:46 PM
58514OrchestratorBugNewNormalceph nfs export commands broken with rook orchestrator01/19/2023 07:30 PM
58511rgwFixNewNormalConcurrent multi-object-delete calls referencing the same objects return errors (AWS S3 inconsistency)Cory Snyder01/19/2023 03:42 PM
58509rgwBackportIn ProgressNormalquincy: 'radosgw-admin bucket chown' doesn't set bucket instance owner or unlink from old ownerDaniel Gryniewicz01/19/2023 05:49 PM
58508rgwBackportNewHighpacific: rgw-orphan-list tool can list all rados objects as orphansMichael Kidd01/19/2023 03:06 PM
58507rgwBackportNewHighquincy: rgw-orphan-list tool can list all rados objects as orphansMichael Kidd01/19/2023 03:05 PM
58506OrchestratorFeatureNewNormalProvide the possibility of creating realm/zonegroup/zone without the need of having an orchestratorRedouane Kachach Elhichou01/19/2023 01:05 PMcephadm/rgw
58505RADOSBugNewNormalWrong calculate free space OSD and PG used bytes01/20/2023 04:46 AM
58504DashboardBugFix Under ReviewNormalmgr/dashboard: constant flickering of Service Instances tabNizamudeen A01/20/2023 12:58 PMComponent - Cluster
58503mgrBackportIn ProgressHighquincy: mgr/prometheus: export zero valued pg state metricsAvan Thakkar01/19/2023 10:33 AM
58502mgrBackportIn ProgressHighpacific: mgr/prometheus: export zero valued pg state metricsAvan Thakkar01/19/2023 10:22 AM
58498InfrastructureBugNewNormalceph: pgs stuck backfilling01/20/2023 08:49 PM
58497InfrastructureBugNewNormalteuthology.log files grow to ~1GB due to traceback repeatedly printing01/18/2023 07:18 PM
58496RADOSBugNewUrgentosd/PeeringState: FAILED ceph_assert(!acting_recovery_backfill.empty())Ronen Friedman01/25/2023 02:26 PM
58495rgwBackportNewNormalpacific: rgw: remove guard_reshard in bucket_index_read_olh_log01/18/2023 05:22 PM
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