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51755bluestoreBugTriagedLowcrash: rocksdb::IteratorWrapperBase<rocksdb::Slice>::Update()03/17/2022 03:52 PM
51754rbdBugNeed More InfoLowcrash: ceph::crush::CrushLocation::init_on_startup()03/17/2022 03:52 PM
51708rgwBugNewLownotifications: no size and etag when creating a 2nd delete marker07/16/2021 10:57 AMnotifications
51629OrchestratorBugNewLowcephadm reports nodes offline after rolling reboot04/21/2022 10:41 AMcephadm
51617OrchestratorBugNewLowcephadm: remove rgw block from minimal ganesha configuration11/26/2021 11:22 AMcephadm/nfs
51361OrchestratorBugNewLowKillMode=none is deprecated10/05/2022 11:07 PM
51247rgwBugNewLownotifications: add new type DeleteMarkerDeleted of eventYuval Lifshitz08/28/2022 01:14 PMnotifications
51223RADOSBugNewLowstatfs: a cluster with filestore and bluestore OSD's will report bytes_used == stored06/15/2021 12:20 PMAdministration/Usability
51192OrchestratorBugNewLowcephadm failed to remove running OSD04/11/2022 11:35 AMcephadm
50818DashboardBugNeed More InfoLowmgr/dashboard: No longer able to add SSO dashboard users from the cliAlfonso Martínez06/29/2021 08:11 AMComponent - Users & Roles
50292CephBugNewLowFMT Cmake code does not work on FreeBSD with system libfmt04/11/2021 03:49 PMcommon
50275RADOSBugNewLownautilus: evicting unresponsive client04/09/2021 10:06 PM
50136rgwBugNewLowradosgw-admin crashed when fetching notifications04/08/2021 02:24 PMnotification
49818bluestoreBugFix Under ReviewLowos/bluestore/ FAILED ceph_assert(o->pinned) in BlueStore::Collection::split_cache()Igor Fedotov12/02/2021 03:05 PM
49287OrchestratorBugNewLowpodman: setting cgroup config for procHooks process caused: Unit libpod-$hash.scope not found09/29/2022 06:59 PMcephadm 1542: FAILED assert(r == 0)02/08/2021 01:26 PM
49048rgwBugNewLowamqp mandatory bit should be set according to ack-level09/15/2021 06:51 AMamqp dont stop rgw when run under valgrind06/13/2021 06:23 PMeasy first bug
48771CephFSBugNewLowqa: iogen: workload fails to cause balancing07/12/2022 01:05 PM
48742OrchestratorBugNewLowcephadm bootstrap --docker doesn't actually work. It's just that the setting is not persistent. Docker itself is supported01/18/2022 02:53 PMcephadmux
48720CephBugFix Under ReviewLowceph: qa/standalone/scrub/ test fails if a PG is deleted from the primary12/28/2020 11:53 AMOSD
48719RADOSBugFix Under ReviewLowceph: qa/standalone/scrub/ erroneous 'Recovery never started' failureRonen Friedman01/13/2021 12:33 AM
48465DashboardBugTriagedLowmgr/dashboard: Using FQDNs fails for embedding of GrafanaPatrick Seidensal04/15/2021 05:16 PMMonitoringuser-experience
48409DashboardBugNeed More InfoLowERROR: test_bulk_set (tasks.mgr.dashboard.test_cluster_configuration.ClusterConfigurationTest)Laura Paduano04/15/2021 05:16 PMTesting - API
48387DashboardBugNeed More InfoLowmgr-dashboard-frontend-unittests (Failed) - npm ERR! Failed at the ceph-dashboard@0.0.0 test:ci script05/25/2021 07:13 AMComponent - RBD
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