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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
47857DashboardBugWon't FixHighmgr/dashboard: sensitive information stored in cleartext03/02/2022 11:52 AMSecurity & AuthCeph - v16.0.0security
47356DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: some nfs-ganesha endpoints are not in correct security scope Kiefer Chang04/15/2021 05:22 PMComponent - NFSCeph - v16.0.0
47341DashboardCleanupResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: securing CherryPyAvan Thakkar04/15/2021 05:26 PMGeneral - Back-endCeph - v16.0.0security
45965DashboardFeatureResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Display users current quota usage04/15/2021 05:26 PMComponent - RGW
45897DashboardFeatureResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Add host labels in UIVolker Theile04/15/2021 05:26 PMUICeph - v16.0.0
45873DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: CRUSH map viewer inconsistent with output of "ceph osd tree"02/06/2022 10:35 AMComponent - OSDs
45372DashboardFeatureNewNormalmgr/dashboard: monitoring/grafana: any user can run any query on the Prometheus data source04/15/2021 05:04 PMMonitoringsecurity
45302DashboardFeatureNewNormalmgr/dashboard: get/set bucket ACLs04/15/2021 05:04 PMComponent - RGW
44591DashboardBugResolvedHighCVE-2020-27839: mgr/dashboard: The ceph dashboard is vulnerable to XSS attacksAvan Thakkar04/22/2021 11:15 AMGeneral
44237DashboardBugResolvedHighmgr/dashboard: security: some system roles allow accessing sensitive informationAlfonso Martínez04/15/2021 05:20 PMComponent - Users & RolesCeph - v15.0.0
43607DashboardBugResolvedImmediatemgr/dashboard: fix improper URL checkingErnesto Puerta04/15/2021 05:20 PMGeneral - Back-endCeph - v15.0.0
43262DashboardBugNewNormalmgr/dashboard: security: upgrade serialize-javascript04/27/2021 02:06 PMSecurity & AuthCeph - v15.0.0security
43146DashboardFeatureNewNormalmgr/dashboard: Display available updates for a cluster04/15/2021 05:04 PMGeneral
42620rbdFeatureRejectedNormalrbd namespace support should support moving RBDs out of a namespace or into a different one11/04/2019 03:33 PM
42619rbdFeatureRejectedNormalrbd namespace deletion should support deleting all RBDs of that namespace01/16/2020 02:30 PM
42618rbdFeatureRejectedNormalrbd namespace support should support renaming existing namespaces11/04/2019 03:37 PM
42404DashboardFeatureResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Issue a warning when a replicated pool is created with [min_]size == 1Sebastian Krah04/15/2021 05:26 PMComponent - PoolsCeph - v16.0.0
42355DashboardFeatureResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: integrate support for RBD mirror peer bootstrapJason Dillaman04/15/2021 05:26 PMComponent - RBD MirroringCeph - v15.0.0
42349DashboardFeatureResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Support CRUSH device classesRicardo Marques04/15/2021 05:26 PMComponent - PoolsCeph - v15.0.0
42165DashboardDocumentationNewLowmgr/dashboard: Document new password requirements in the installation documentation04/21/2022 08:29 PMDocsCeph - v15.0.0
42118DashboardFeatureNewNormalmgr/dashboard: Display estimated remaining time for events04/15/2021 05:04 PMUXCeph - v15.0.0
41990DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: hide Python tracebacks in response errorsErnesto Puerta04/15/2021 05:26 PMGeneral - Back-endsecurity
41815DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: NFS export list should display the "Pseudo Path"Ricardo Marques04/15/2021 05:22 PMComponent - NFSCeph - v15.0.0
41320DashboardBugResolvedHighmgr/dashboard: passwords and other sensitive information is written to logsKefu Chai04/15/2021 05:20 PMGeneralsecurity
41223DashboardFeatureResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Add smartctl data as an details tab of an OSDPatrick Seidensal04/15/2021 05:26 PMComponent - OSDsCeph - v15.0.0
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