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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
48274RADOSBugNewNormalmon_osd_adjust_heartbeat_grace blocks OSDs from being marked as down05/05/2021 02:20 PM
47951RADOSBugResolvedUrgentMonClient: mon_host with DNS Round Robin results in 'unable to parse addrs'Patrick Donnelly11/11/2020 02:19 PMCeph - v16.0.0ipv6,dns,round robin,mon_host,client
44184RADOSBugNeed More InfoNormalSlow / Hanging Ops after pool creation01/26/2022 12:04 PMosd,slow ops,osd_pg_create
42761CephBugNewNormalsystemd restarts OSD too fast after failure11/12/2019 08:10 AMsystemd,ipv6
42116mgrBackportResolvedNormalmimic: mgr/telemetry: 'ceph telemetry show' failsWido den Hollander10/22/2019 07:24 AMCeph - v13.2.7
41905RADOSFeatureNewNormalAdd ability to change fsid of cluster10/03/2019 07:13 AM
40174mgrBugResolvedNormalInflux module fails due to missing close() methodKefu Chai08/26/2019 02:57 PMmgr,influx
39666mgrBugResolvedNormalmgr/zabbix: Typo in key name for PGs in backfill_wait state11/17/2019 06:08 PMzabbix module
39338DashboardBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Admin resource not honoredWido den Hollander04/15/2021 05:21 PMComponent - RGWCeph - v15.0.0
39321rgwBugDuplicateHighrgw: Beast frontend listens on IPv4 only by defaultAbhishek Lekshmanan05/09/2019 05:39 PMrgw,beast,ipv6
39292mgrBugNewNormalmgr: Restful API does not start due to SocketServer issue08/22/2019 10:16 AMrestful modulerestful
38253CephDocumentationNewNormaldoc: Documentation about daemon restart with SELinux02/11/2019 08:14 AMdocumentationselinux,upgrade
38138CephFeatureResolvedNormalmgr: add get_latest_counter() to C++ -> Python interface.Jan Fajerski02/07/2019 04:35 PMmgr,mimic,performance
36482bluestoreBugResolvedHighHigh amount of Read I/O on BlueFS/DB when listing omap keysIgor Fedotov10/22/2019 03:00 PMosd,bluestore,bluefs,read_random,omap,rbd
24531RADOSBugResolvedHighMimic MONs have slow/long running opsJoao Eduardo Luis09/10/2020 04:43 AM
23996mgrBugResolvedNormalmgr/influx: Module fails to parse service names if RGW is present05/18/2018 04:05 PMinflux modulemgr,influx,rgw
23467CephBugWon't FixNormalceph-disk: Destroyed OSDs keeps old CRUSH weight if new device is different size05/12/2021 02:22 PMOSDcrush,osd,destroyed,destroy
23460mgrBugResolvedHighmgr deadlock: _check_auth_rotating possible clock skew, rotating keys expired way too early01/25/2021 07:44 AMceph-mgrcephx,mgr,monclient
23118mgrBugResolvedNormalBalancer maps PG to OSDs on the same host with upmap03/02/2018 03:43 AM
23092rgwBugNewNormalRGW leaking/orphan data with JewelOrit Wasserman05/31/2018 10:55 AM
23083mgrBugResolvedNormalceph-mgr fails to start after a system reboot on Ubuntu 16.0403/29/2018 08:18 AMceph-mgr
22784CephBugFix Under ReviewNormalKey exported from auth keyring is not imported properly01/30/2018 10:15 AMcephxmon,cephx,auth
22363rbdBugResolvedNormalWatchers are lost on active RBD image with running clientJason Dillaman05/31/2018 07:58 PM
22060rgwBugClosedNormalRGW: ERROR: failed to distribute cache11/08/2017 10:00 AMrgw,cache,notify
21813CephBugResolvedNormalOSD bind to IPv6 link-local addressWido den Hollander04/05/2018 06:32 PMOSDmessenger,luminous,osd
20430CephBugResolvedHighcrush_location_hook does not work with Luminous07/18/2017 10:57 AMOSD
19782mgrBugClosedNormalpgmap and mgrmap keep increasing with information about ceph-mgr06/21/2017 10:37 PM
18978CephFeatureNewNormalceph-disk: Implement easy replace of OSD01/17/2018 08:24 PMceph-disk,bluestore,osd
18966CephFeatureNewNormalAdd mon_osd_down_out_subtree_max_osd02/17/2017 06:06 AMMonitormon,out,config
18962CephBugResolvedNormalceph-disk: Zap disk doesn't clear OSD journal dataWido den Hollander04/04/2017 08:41 PMceph-disk,zap
18638CephBugResolvedUrgentOSD metadata reports filestore when using bluestore07/05/2017 03:55 PMOSDosd,bluestore,metadata
18635CephBugResolvedNormalsystemd restarts Ceph Mon to quickly after failing to start04/12/2017 01:17 PMMonitorsystemd,restartsec,ceph-mon,ipv6,mon
18400CephFeatureNewNormalHave OSD mark itself down while still running01/03/2017 01:03 PMOSD
18333rgwBugResolvedNormalrgw: Realm set does not create a new periodOrit Wasserman07/07/2017 07:49 AMrgw,realm,radosgw-admin
18179CephFSBugResolvedNormalMDS crashes on missing metadata objectJohn Spray04/20/2017 04:57 PMfsck/damage handlingjewel,cephfs,mds,metadata
17545CephBugDuplicateNormalData corruption using RBD with caching enabled10/14/2016 03:53 PMlibrbdrbd,corruption,windows,sqlserver,caching,writeback
16982CephBugResolvedNormalOSD crash after upgrade to Jewel: give useful error when trying to commit 4000 maps to a 100MB journalKefu Chai08/20/2016 01:07 AM
16672CephBugResolvedUrgentOSD crash with Hammer to Jewel Upgrade: void FileStore::init_temp_collections()David Zafman08/05/2016 08:00 PMOSDosd,hammer,jewel,upgrade
15348rgwBugResolvedNormalCORS: Access-Control-Allow-Origin should return * when set that way08/15/2016 09:56 PM
15119rgwBugDuplicateNormalCivetweb responds with Content-Type with a 304 Not Modified response03/23/2016 06:44 PMrgw,varnish,civetweb,rfc,http
14527RADOSFeatureResolvedNormalLookup monitors through DNSRicardo Dias02/21/2018 10:46 PMdns,osd,monitors,monmap,mds
14416CephFeatureNewNormalWrite software version to data store after successful start01/19/2016 03:37 PM
14264rbdFeatureResolvedNormalasync rbd_open() option02/26/2016 02:54 AMrbd,rbd_open,async
14028CephBugWon't FixUrgentPG stats are not refresh within osd_pg_stat_report_interval_max03/08/2016 07:20 PMOSD
13923CephFeatureResolvedNormalSet health to ERR when one or more PGs is stuck inactive01/26/2017 03:31 PMMonitor
13582rgwBugResolvedNormalRGW should not send a Content-Length header with a 204 responseWido den Hollander01/05/2016 04:07 PMcivetweb,rgw,varnish
12430CephFeatureIn ProgressNormallibmailrados: Mailbox storage on RADOS10/07/2020 01:45 PMlibradosdovecot,mail,mailbox,libmailrados,rados
12343devopsFeatureIn ProgressNormalIPv6 for tracker and git.ceph.comDavid Galloway04/18/2017 09:08 PM
12339devopsFeatureNewNormalSSL for tracker.ceph.com04/14/2017 06:10 PM
12298rgwBugResolvedNormalrgw: Properly respond to the "Connection" header with CivetwebWido den Hollander07/31/2015 06:59 PMkeepalive,civetweb
12195RADOSFeatureResolvedNormal'ceph osd version' to print OSD versions07/11/2017 02:16 PMAdministration/Usability
12110rgwBugClosedNormalrgw: Make HTTP KeepAlive configurable for CivetwebWido den Hollander07/10/2015 04:41 PM
11860rgwBugResolvedNormalBucket header is enclosed by quotes10/20/2015 10:39 AM
11858rgwFeatureDuplicateNormalSupport Amazon v4 Signatures02/17/2016 10:35 AM
11505CephBugWon't FixNormal"Invalid argument: osd_disk_thread_ioprio_class" while set to ""04/12/2017 05:00 PMOSD
10555CephFeatureResolvedNormalDon't allow empty pool names01/27/2015 08:55 PM
10382CephFSBugResolvedNormalmds/ In function 'void MDS::heartbeat_reset()John Spray01/27/2015 05:40 PM
10029MessengersFeatureResolvedNormalRetry binding on IPv6 address if not available03/12/2019 11:12 PMipv6
9029CephFSFeatureResolvedNormalmin/max uid for snapshot creation09/20/2016 11:01 AMcephfs,snapshot
8680CephBugResolvedNormalcrushtool should not send it's output to stderr07/19/2014 06:43 AMcommon
8515CephBugRejectedHighrbd ls or rbd info hangs for ever on specific clientSage Weil06/04/2014 07:03 AM
8309Ceph-deployBugResolvedNormalceph-deploy writes incorrect 'mon_host' with IPv6Wido den Hollander10/05/2014 11:05 PM
6748rgwFeatureResolvedNormalReturn bucket name in response headerWido den Hollander01/17/2018 03:25 PM
6747rgwFeatureFix Under ReviewNormalPowerDNS backend for RGW bucket directingWido den Hollander12/05/2019 09:44 PMpowerdns,dns,rgw,regions
6507CephFeatureResolvedUrgentlibrados shouldn't block indefinitely when cluster doesn't respond Josh Durgin12/31/2015 08:07 AMlibrados
6475rgwBugResolvedHighrgw: Log directory should not be created by the init script10/17/2013 09:11 PM
6380CephBugResolvedNormalMonitor tries to bind on IPv6 address while not available yet after bootWido den Hollander01/27/2016 03:53 PMMonitor
6137phpradosFeatureNewNormalAdd RADOS namespace supportWido den Hollander08/27/2013 01:14 PM
6136rados-javaFeatureNewNormalAdd RADOS namespace support08/27/2013 01:13 PM
5135rbdFeatureDuplicateNormallibrbd should create format 2 images by default05/21/2013 11:20 AMrbd,qemu,format
4851CephBugResolvedUrgentleveldb: hang on leveldb::DBImpl::MakeRoomForWrite(bool) Sage Weil05/03/2013 11:37 AMMonitorCeph - v0.61 - Cuttlefish
4837CephBugResolvedUrgentmon: FAILED assert(!(sync_role & SYNC_ROLE_REQUESTER))Greg Farnum04/30/2013 03:54 PMMonitorCeph - v0.61 - Cuttlefish
4771CephFeatureRejectedNormalSnippet / included configuration09/24/2014 05:43 AMcommon
4663phpradosFeatureNewNormalownCloud storage backend04/05/2013 09:15 AMowncloud
4572CephBugResolvedUrgentosd crash with: 0 == "we got a bad state machine event"03/29/2013 12:16 PMOSD
4556CephBugResolvedUrgentOSDs crash with OSD::handle_op during recoverySage Weil05/06/2015 02:33 AMOSD
4357CephBugCan't reproduceHighosd: FAILED assert("join on thread that was never started" == 0)05/31/2013 07:06 AMOSD
4274CephBugDuplicateNormalosd: FAILED assert(osd_lock.is_locked())02/26/2013 05:51 PMOSD
4232CephFeatureResolvedNormallibrados: Improve Java bindingsWido den Hollander01/27/2016 03:54 PMjavajava,jna
4231rbdFeatureClosedNormallibrbd: Java bindingsWido den Hollander08/31/2013 05:19 AMjava,jna
4230CephFeatureResolvedLowlibrados: node.js bindings09/24/2014 05:36 AMlibrados
4117CephDocumentationClosedNormalDocument various language bindings betterJohn Wilkins01/10/2020 10:03 PMphp,java,python,librados,librbd,ruby
4042CephBugResolvedUrgentosd crash in recovery state: FAILED assert(0 == "we got a bad state machine event")Samuel Just02/14/2013 03:56 PMOSD
3440CephBugResolvedNormalRunning OSDs on ZFS on Linux05/22/2013 11:11 AMOSDosd,zfs
3380rbdFeatureResolvedNormalrbd: export and import functions should support stdout11/30/2012 09:05 PMrbd,stdout,export,import
2789CephTasksNewNormalpkgconfig files for libraries07/19/2012 05:09 AMlibrados
2601rbdFeatureResolvedNormalrbd: Show image size with an "ls"12/15/2012 09:45 AM
2219CephBugCan't reproduceNormalOSD's commit suicide with 0.4405/23/2012 12:10 PMOSDCeph - v0.45
2212CephBugResolvedNormalosd: FAILED assert(msgr->lock.is_locked())03/26/2012 09:58 AMOSD
2211CephBugResolvedNormalosd: entity_inst_t OSDMap::get_inst(int) constSage Weil04/18/2012 03:41 PMOSD
2122CephBugResolvedNormalobjecter: Asserts if authorization failsJosh Durgin03/01/2012 05:18 PMlibrados
2116CephBugResolvedHighRepeated messages of "heartbeat_check: no heartbeat from"03/30/2012 03:59 PMOSDCeph - v0.44
2026CephBugCan't reproduceNormalosd: ceph::HeartbeatMap::check_touch_file08/31/2012 08:21 AMOSDCeph - v0.44
2023CephCleanupResolvedNormalbtrfs: Use btrfs device scan instead of btrfsctl -a02/11/2012 02:22 PMcommon
1992CephBugCan't reproduceNormalOSD::get_or_create_pg02/11/2012 10:22 AMOSD
1875CephBugResolvedNormalosd: ReplicatedPG::do_opSage Weil01/04/2012 10:48 AMOSDCeph - v0.40
1835CephBugResolvedNormalMonclient crash when keyring is not readableSage Weil01/06/2012 12:42 PMcephxCeph - v0.40
1834CephBugClosedNormal'High' memory usage of monitors12/16/2011 05:18 AMMonitor
1694CephBugResolvedNormalmonitor crash: FAILED assert(get_max_osd() >= crush.get_max_devices())Sage Weil11/09/2011 11:09 AMMonitorCeph - v0.39
1659CephBugCan't reproduceNormalUpgrade from 0.27 -> 0.37 going wrong, OSDs miss map updatesSamuel Just02/07/2012 10:37 PMOSD
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