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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
58092rgwDocumentationNewNormalrgw_enable_gc_threads / lc_threads not documented on web11/28/2022 11:42 AM
56488bluestoreBugResolvedHighBlueStore doesn't defer small writes for pre-pacific hdd osdsAdam Kupczyk12/14/2022 07:52 PMCeph - v18.0.0
56386RADOSBugCan't reproduceNormalWrites to a cephfs after metadata pool snapshot causes inconsistent objectsMatan Breizman08/15/2022 08:19 AM
55764RADOSFeatureNewNormalAdaptive mon_warn_pg_not_deep_scrubbed_ratio according to actual scrub throughput05/25/2022 12:13 PM
55303mgrFeatureNewUrgentpg autoscaler: only warn about changes that will take many daysKamoltat (Junior) Sirivadhna07/06/2022 06:00 PM
55169RADOSFeatureNewNormalcrush: should validate rule outputs osds07/20/2022 11:45 PM
55090Linux kernel clientBugNewNormalmounting subvolume shows size/used bytes for entire fs, not subvolumeLuis Henriques06/09/2022 12:55 AM
54525RADOSFeatureIn ProgressHighosd/mon: log memory usage during tickLaura Flores04/08/2022 07:39 PM
54500rgwBugResolvedNormalTrim olh entries with empty name from biDan van der Ster09/30/2022 10:08 AM
54396RADOSBugResolvedHighSetting osd_pg_max_concurrent_snap_trims to 0 prematurely clears the snaptrim queueDan van der Ster07/11/2022 09:18 PM
54385CephBugFix Under ReviewNormalbetter test mon and osd smart commandDan van der Ster02/23/2022 02:52 PM
54315bluestoreSupportNewNormal1 fsck error per osd during nautilus -> octopus upgrade (S3 cluster)Dan van der Ster02/17/2022 06:59 PM
54314CephBugNewNormalOSD slow ops during Windows VM upgrades02/18/2022 12:43 PM
54013Linux kernel clientBugResolvedHighcentos stream 8 kernel 358: async dirops causes Cannot write: Operation not permittedJeff Layton06/01/2022 05:09 PM
53952CephFSBugResolvedNormalmds: mds_oft_prefetch_dirfrags default to falseDan van der Ster08/15/2022 12:22 PM
53645CephFSBugNewNormalMDCache::shutdown_pass: ceph_assert(!migrator->is_importing())01/13/2022 04:49 PM
53558CephFSDocumentationNewNormalDocument cephfs recursive accountingMilind Changire12/13/2021 01:40 PMAdministration/Usability
53504CephFSBugResolvedNormalclient: infinite loop "got ESTALE" after mds recoveryXiubo Li07/18/2022 01:35 AMCode HygieneCeph - v18.0.0
53161CephDocumentationIn ProgressNormaldocument device write cache performance implicationsDan van der Ster11/10/2021 04:05 PMperformance
53140CephFeatureNewNormalHEALTH_WARN about known issues of running version11/18/2021 03:12 PM
53002bluestoreBugFix Under ReviewNormalcrash BlueStore::Onode::put from BlueStore::TransContext::~TransContextIgor Fedotov01/13/2023 12:14 PM
52984websiteBugResolvedNormalhttps://* not redirected to https://ceph.io02/25/2022 09:42 PM
52622CephBugWon't FixNormalnautilus build fails on centos stream 8Dan van der Ster09/16/2021 02:31 PM
52591CephFSFixResolvedHighmds: mds_oft_prefetch_dirfrags = false is not qa testedArthur Outhenin-Chalandre09/05/2022 09:26 AMCeph - v17.0.0backport_processed
52392CephBugNewNormalcrashes rebooting colocated mds/mgr with mon at boot09/08/2021 08:30 AM
51824CephFSBugFix Under ReviewNormalpacific scrub ~mds_dir causes stray related ceph_assert, abort and OOMDhairya Parmar02/01/2023 10:25 AMCorrectness/SafetyCeph - v18.0.0
51688RADOSBugFix Under ReviewNormal"stuck peering for" warning is misleadingShreyansh Sancheti02/02/2023 04:13 PM
51668OrchestratorBugClosedLowcephadm shell repeats WARNING: The same type, major and minor should not be used for multiple devices.07/20/2022 04:00 PM
51667OrchestratorBugResolvedNormalcephadm: host add existing host should be noopDaniel Pivonka11/03/2021 11:42 AM
51433RADOSBugResolvedUrgentmgr spamming with repeated set pgp_num_actual while merging01/31/2022 10:21 PM
51194RADOSBugNewNormalPG recovery_unfound after scrub repair failed on primaryRonen Friedman01/19/2023 02:26 AM
50591mgrBugResolvedHighmgr/progress: progress can be negativeDan van der Ster06/15/2021 10:44 AMprogress moduleCeph - v17.0.0
50587RADOSBugResolvedNormalmon election storm following osd recreation: huge tcmalloc and ceph::msgr::v2::FrameAssembler backtraces08/31/2021 09:57 PM
50559CephFSBugResolvedNormalsession dump includes completed_requests twice, once as an integer and once as a listDan van der Ster07/12/2021 08:05 PMCeph - v17.0.0
50550bluestoreBugResolvedNormaloctopus: os/bluestore: be more verbose in _open_super_meta by defaultDan van der Ster05/14/2021 07:23 AMCeph - v15.2.13
50549bluestoreBugResolvedNormalnautilus: os/bluestore: be more verbose in _open_super_meta by defaultDan van der Ster05/14/2021 07:38 AMCeph - v14.2.22
50466RADOSBugResolvedNormal_delete_some additional unexpected onode list06/29/2021 08:10 AM
50230RADOSBugResolvedNormalmon: spawn loop after mon reinstalledDan van der Ster06/29/2021 08:11 AM
49938CephBugResolvedNormaldaemons bind to loopback ifaceDan van der Ster04/09/2021 10:18 AM
49505RADOSFeatureNewNormalWarn about extremely anomalous commit_latencies07/20/2022 11:49 PM
49210Linux kernel clientBugRejectedNormalBUG after network outage then failure to reconnect04/06/2021 12:40 PM
49104RADOSBugTriagedNormalcrush weirdness: degraded PGs not marked as such, and choose_total_tries = 50 is too low for this cluster04/14/2021 11:31 AM
48452RADOSBugNewHighpg merge explodes osdmap mempool size12/04/2020 10:13 PM
48385RADOSBugResolvedNormalnautilus: statfs: a cluster with any up but out osd will report bytes_used == storedIgor Fedotov05/20/2021 06:07 PM
48358rgwBugNewNormalrgw: qlen and qactive perf counters leakMark Kogan05/11/2021 08:43 AM
48311mgrBugResolvedHighmgr module INFO should be logged by default01/26/2022 05:32 PM
48310mgrBugRejectedNormalmgr module 11/20/2020 11:31 AM
48309mgrBugResolvedNormala few scrubs or remapped PGs blocks the upmap balancerDan van der Ster01/27/2021 06:10 PM
48212RADOSBugResolvedNormalpoollast_epoch_clean floor is stuck after pg merging08/08/2022 08:42 AMPerformance/Resource Usage
47833CephFSBugResolvedHighmds FAILED ceph_assert(sessions != 0) in function 'void SessionMap::hit_session(Session*)'Dan van der Ster12/02/2020 11:07 AMCeph - v16.0.0
47813RADOSBugFix Under ReviewNormalosd op age is 4294967296Deepika Upadhyay02/04/2021 07:25 PM
47775RADOSFeatureNewNormallimit osd_pglog size by memory05/09/2021 03:52 AM
47767RADOSBugResolvedUrgentoctopus: setting noscrub crashed osd processDavid Zafman12/14/2020 09:49 PMCeph - v15.2.7
47698CephFSBugNewHighmds crashed in try_remove_dentries_for_stray after touching file in strange directory10/06/2020 05:05 PM
47682CephFSBugRejectedNormalMDS can't release caps faster than clients taking caps09/29/2020 02:07 PM
47613mgrBugNewHighpg autoscaler: don't always treat target ratios as a weight09/25/2020 09:38 PM
47442CephBugResolvedNormal/usr/bin/ceph IOError exception from stdout.flushDan van der Ster10/10/2020 08:57 AMCeph - v16.0.0
47361RADOSBugRejectedNormalinvalid upmap not getting cleanedDavid Zafman09/21/2020 11:57 PM
47273RADOSBugPending BackportNormalceph report missing osdmap_clean_epochs if answered by peonDan van der Ster08/08/2022 04:35 PMbackport_processed
47238mgrBugResolvedUrgentmgr becomes unresponsive when the progress bar is shownKamoltat (Junior) Sirivadhna02/20/2021 07:42 PM
47126mgrBugNewHighmgr plugin rpms unconditionally restart on install/uninstall08/28/2020 09:15 PM python 3.8 compatibilityDan van der Ster08/26/2020 09:15 AMCeph - v16.0.0
46241rgwBugNewNormalrgw: website request without trailing slash should redirect with 302 Found06/26/2020 06:52 PM
45997CephFSBugResolvedNormalnautilus: UnicodeEncodeError exception while removing volume with UTF-8 directoryRamana Raja06/02/2021 06:20 PMCeph - v14.2.22
45835CephFSBugResolvedNormalmds: OpenFileTable::prefetch_inodes during rejoin can cause out-of-memoryZheng Yan05/14/2021 04:42 PMCeph - v16.0.0
45261CephFSBugResolvedNormalmds: FAILED assert(locking == lock) in MutationImpl::finish_lockingZheng Yan07/13/2020 08:09 PMCeph - v16.0.0
45080CephFSBugNewNormalmds slow journal ops then cephfs damaged after restarting an osd host04/27/2020 11:06 PM
44172CephFSBugResolvedNormalcephfs-journal-tool: cannot set --dry_run argMilind Changire05/25/2020 02:28 PMfsck/damage handlingCeph - v16.0.0
43896RADOSDocumentationResolvedNormalnautilus upgrade should recommend ceph-osd restarts after enabling msgr2Nathan Cutler04/23/2020 01:36 PM
43893RADOSBugDuplicateUrgentlingering osd_failure ops (due to failure_info holding references?)01/22/2021 11:12 PM
43596CephFSBugNewLowmds: crash when enable msgr v2 due to lost contact01/30/2020 09:53 AM
43546mgrBugResolvedNormalmgr/pg-autoscaler: Autoscaler creates too many PGs for EC pools02/14/2020 09:28 AMpg_autoscaler moduleCeph - v15.0.0
43106RADOSBugResolvedNormalmimic: crash in build_incremental_map_msg12/11/2019 10:17 PM
42810RADOSBugResolvedNormalceph config rm does not revert debug_mon to default03/31/2020 10:01 AM
42347RADOSBugWon't FixHighnautilus assert during osd shutdown: FAILED ceph_assert((sharded_in_flight_list.back())->ops_in_flight_sharded.empty())04/29/2020 03:15 AM
41225rgwBugResolvedNormalrgw: GETing S3 website root with two slashes // crashes rgwMatt Benjamin08/26/2020 09:18 AM
41027rbdBugClosedNormalrbd bench write does not properly count in flight IOs07/31/2019 05:29 PM
41006CephFSBugResolvedNormalcephfs-data-scan scan_links FAILED ceph_assert(p->second >= before+len)Zheng Yan10/08/2019 09:48 AMCeph - v15.0.0
40608CephFSBugDuplicateUrgentmds: assert after `delete gather` in C_Drop_Cache::recall_client_statePatrick Donnelly01/15/2020 07:22 PMCeph - v15.0.0
40480bluestoreBugResolvedNormalpool compression options not consistently applied07/31/2019 01:52 PM
40200CephFSBugRejectedNormalluminous: mds: does fails assert(session->get_nref() == 1) when balancingDan van der Ster10/11/2019 03:26 PMCeph - v12.2.13
40190Linux kernel clientBugResolvedNormaloops or soft lockup after MDS crashZheng Yan09/09/2020 08:55 PMfs/ceph
40021bluestoreFeatureNewNormalZero out pending sectors during PG repair05/24/2019 12:31 PM
39523Linux kernel clientBugCan't reproduceNormalsmall write in ab mode does not change mtime09/10/2019 11:10 AM
39362RADOSFeatureNewNormalignore osd_max_scrubs for forced repairDavid Zafman12/01/2020 05:53 PMScrub/Repair
38999rgwFeatureNewNormalRedirect anonymous ListAllMyBuckets to configurable location03/28/2019 10:59 AM
38931RADOSBugResolvedNormalosd does not proactively remove leftover PGs09/20/2021 04:29 PM
38930RADOSBugDuplicateHighceph osd safe-to-destroy wrongly approves any out osdDavid Zafman05/03/2019 01:07 PM 83: FAILED assert(version == tid)Zheng Yan10/18/2019 11:39 AMCeph - v15.0.0
38832CephFSBugResolvedNormalmds: fail to resolve snapshot name contains '_'Zheng Yan12/08/2020 07:21 PMCeph - v15.0.0
38203CephFSBugCan't reproduceUrgentceph-mds segfault during migrator nicely exporting01/23/2020 01:15 AM
37940mgrBugResolvedNormalupmap balancer won't refill underfull osds if zero overfull foundxie xingguo03/12/2019 02:20 PMbalancer module
37677rgwBugNewNormalkeystone s3 auth can deadlock rgwMarcus Watts03/22/2019 09:23 AM
37507RADOSBugResolvedNormalosd_memory_target: failed assert when options mismatchMark Nelson01/30/2019 01:00 PM
36378RADOSBugNewNormalupmap to same osd twice possible, crashes calc_pg_upmaps05/02/2019 03:03 PM
36361mgrBugNeed More InfoNormalupmap balancer: crash in calc_pg_upmaps if there's a destroyed osd in the tree06/17/2021 09:16 PMbalancer module
36301mgrBugNewNormalmgr/balancer: KeyError during balancer eval if pool migrating between roots10/03/2018 02:25 PMbalancer module
36267mgrBugNewNormalmgr/balancer: upmap mode not respecting crush rule06/13/2021 05:11 AMbalancer module
36174RADOSBugResolvedNormalceph pg ls creating: EINVAL10/26/2018 02:26 AM
25152CephBugResolvedNormalchown: cannot access ‘/var/lib/ceph/osd/*/block*’: No such file or directoryDan van der Ster08/22/2018 08:44 PMOSDCeph - v12.2.8
24052CephFSBugResolvedHighrepeated eviction of idle client until some IO happensZheng Yan07/30/2018 08:56 PMCeph - v14.0.0
23380CephFSBugResolvedNormalmds: ceph.dir.rctime follows dir ctime not inode ctimeZheng Yan09/11/2018 11:12 PMCeph - v14.0.0
23276mgrBugResolvedNormalbalancer/osd: segfault in calc_pg_upmaps04/13/2018 10:07 PMbalancer module
23249mgrBugResolvedHighceph osd safe-to-destroy crashes the mgr08/27/2019 08:51 AM
23172CephFSBugResolvedHighmds: fixed MDS_FEATURE_INCOMPAT_FILE_LAYOUT_V2 definition breaks luminous upgradesPatrick Donnelly03/27/2018 01:52 PMCeph - v13.0.0
23059CephFSBugResolvedHighmds: FAILED assert (p != active_requests.end()) in MDRequestRef MDCache::request_get(metareqid_t)Zheng Yan09/18/2018 09:40 PMCeph - v13.0.0
23017mgrBugResolvedNormalmgr log spamming about down osds04/06/2018 08:39 PMceph-mgr
22777rgwBugNewNormaluniqueness of rgw service name not guaranteed01/30/2018 09:20 AM
22511mgrBugDuplicateNormalDashboard showing stale health data12/21/2017 09:32 PMceph-mgr
22470mgrBugResolvedNormalKeyError: ('name',) in balancer rm01/31/2018 11:58 AM
22431mgrBugCan't reproduceNormalbalancer: calc_pg_upmaps not upmapping the correct pool06/13/2021 05:11 AMbalancer module
22429mgrBugResolvedNormalmgr/balancer/upmap_max_iterations must be cast to integer01/31/2018 11:59 AM
22424mgrBugResolvedNormalbalancer should warn about missing requirements03/30/2018 05:18 AMbalancer module
22361mgrBugResolvedNormalbalancer crush-compat sends "foo" command01/31/2018 12:09 PM
21352CephBugDuplicateNormallibrados version should bump major number when ABI changes10/19/2017 09:29 AMlibrados
21128rgwBugFix Under ReviewNormaldo not persist aws-chunked content-encodingDaniel Gryniewicz11/01/2021 08:53 PM
21003rgwBugIn ProgressNormalchunk signature mismatch for AWSv4 and Oracle Secure Backup Cloud ModuleMarcus Watts08/25/2017 02:43 PM
20972CephFSBackportResolvedNormaljewel ceph-fuse segfaults at mount time, assert in ceph::log::Log::stopNathan Cutler09/07/2017 07:43 AMCeph - v10.2.10
20945CephFSBugResolvedNormalget_quota_root sends lookupname op for every buffered write09/11/2017 08:45 PMCeph - v12.2.0
20628CephBugClosedNormalceph-osd deadlock in ?simple messenger?05/05/2021 03:40 PMOSD
20340CephFSBugResolvedHighcephfs permission denied until second client accesses fileZheng Yan09/04/2017 07:10 PM
19940mgrBugResolvedNormalclient.admin not granted mgr caps on upgrade (was: mgr access denied on pg dump)John Spray05/16/2017 01:43 PMpackaging
19909RADOSBugWon't FixHighPastIntervals::check_new_interval: assert(lastmap->get_pools().count(pgid.pool()))07/28/2017 08:50 AM
19769CephBugDuplicateNormalceph-mon 12.0.2 crashes at startup in creating_pgs_t::decode 06/17/2017 05:55 AM
19589CephFSBugResolvedNormalgreedyspill.lua: :18: attempt to index a nil value (field '?')Patrick Donnelly03/09/2019 12:32 AM
19568mgrBugResolvedNormalmgr: reopen logs on sighupDan van der Ster09/05/2017 03:31 PM
19226CephBugWon't FixNormalceph-disk: cannot deactivate a directory-based osdLoïc Dachary09/26/2017 09:01 AM
18802CephFSBugNewNormalJewel fuse client not connecting to new MDS after failover (was: mds/ 6003: FAILED assert(in->filelock.can_read(-1)))03/09/2019 12:16 AM
18239RADOSBugDuplicateHighnan in ceph osd df again05/20/2018 06:58 PMAdministration/Usability
18235CephFeatureResolvedNormalos/filestore/HashIndex: be loud about splits04/12/2017 10:22 AMOSD
17974CephFSBackportResolvedNormaljewel: ceph/Client segfaults in handle_mds_map when switching mdsJohn Spray01/25/2017 05:10 PMCeph - v10.2.6
17939CephFSBugResolvedNormalnon-local cephfs quota changes not visible until some IO is doneJohn Spray03/09/2019 12:26 AM
17913rbdBugRejectedNormallibrbd io deadlock after host lost network connectivity10/10/2017 02:35 PM
17714CephFeatureNewNormalreweight-by-utilization needs a subtree option05/24/2017 03:43 PMOSD
16361CephFeatureNewNormalusability: allow decreasing pg_num when pg_num > pgp_num06/17/2016 12:11 PMOSD
16054CephBugResolvedHighceph lies about unchangeable settings05/01/2017 04:23 PM
15861CephBugClosedNormalyum update warnings in master: ldconfig: relative path `1' used to build cache05/17/2017 03:34 PM
15840CephBugResolvedNormalmaster no longer supports 'osd crush location'Sage Weil05/20/2016 04:57 PMOSD
15822CephBugResolvedNormal/usr/sbin/semodule: invalid option -- 'X'Boris Ranto06/16/2016 07:38 AM
15590CephBugCan't reproduceNormalbluestore: shards missing after a few hours of testing04/12/2017 09:15 PMbluestore
15567CephBugResolvedNormalceph osd utilization has min/max backwards05/23/2016 12:50 PMOSDMap
15548RADOSBugNewNormalscrub ops block forever after pool deletion06/14/2017 01:28 AMScrub/Repair
14695CephBugResolvedUrgentosd: rados cppool omap to ec pool crashes osd07/25/2016 09:37 PMOSD
14668CephFSBackportResolvedUrgenthammer: Wrong ceph get mdsmap assertionNathan Cutler08/08/2016 08:22 AMCeph - v0.94.8
13844CephBugRejectedUrgentceph df MAX AVAIL is incorrect for simple replicated pool09/21/2016 06:52 AM
13843CephBugResolvedUrgentceph osd pool stats broken in hammerLoïc Dachary01/29/2016 03:56 AM
13824rgwBugResolvedNormalorphans finish segfaults03/03/2016 06:30 AM
13061CephBugResolvedUrgentsystemd: daemons restart when package is upgradedBoris Ranto10/05/2015 08:13 PM
13033CephFixResolvedNormallogrotate: error in postrotate scriptDan van der Ster09/11/2015 01:24 PM
12428CephBugCan't reproduceNormalgarbage data in osd data dir crashes ceph-objectstore-tool04/12/2017 05:16 PMOSD
12033devopsBugRejectedNormalfile /usr/bin/ceph-objectstore-tool from install of ceph-1:0.94.2-0.el6.x86_64 conflicts with file from package ceph-test-1:0.94.1-0.el6.x86_6404/26/2018 06:34 PM
11119CephBugWon't FixNormaldata placement is a function of OSD id04/12/2017 04:51 PM
11080CephBugDuplicateUrgentbucket_straw2_choose div by zero when item_weight is 004/10/2015 08:20 AM
11079CephBugResolvedUrgentcrushtool -d zeroes the osd weights in straw2 buckets03/10/2015 03:44 PM
10974CephBugDuplicateNormalmissing pool= in osd caps is validated but breaks access06/11/2017 07:22 PMcephx
10146CephBugResolvedNormalceph-disk: sometimes the journal symlink is not createdDan van der Ster10/20/2015 11:05 AM
9927CephBugCan't reproduceNormalRHEL: selinux-policy-targeted rpm update triggers slow requests 04/12/2017 04:37 PM
9675CephBugResolvedHighsplitting a pool doesn't start when rule_id != ruleset_idJoao Eduardo Luis03/26/2015 02:34 PM
9487CephBugResolvedUrgentdumpling: snaptrimmer causes slow requests while backfilling. osd_snap_trim_sleep not helpingSamuel Just12/02/2014 01:47 PMOSD
9061devopsBugResolvedNormaldumpling to firefly upgrade on RH6 restarts the daemons08/18/2014 09:03 AM
8580CephFeatureResolvedHighDecrease disk thread's IO priority and/or make it configurableSage Weil08/11/2014 08:28 AMOSD
7577rbdBugResolvedUrgentrbd info displays extra random char in block prefixDan Mick03/31/2014 02:15 PM
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