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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
36448sepiaSupportResolvedNormalI need sepia access from my laptopDavid Galloway12/06/2019 02:26 PM
35988rgwBugIn ProgressNormalRGW Ldap Authorization failsMatt Benjamin02/06/2019 03:22 PM
27990teuthologyFeatureNewNormalA workunit to test rgw ldap authentication should be createdWarren Usui08/27/2018 10:53 PMQA Suite
25105teuthologyFeatureNewNormalrgw: LDAP authentication of S3 usersWarren Usui07/25/2018 05:53 PM
24418teuthologyBugNewNormal No connection adapters were found for ''Warren Usui06/12/2018 09:24 PM
24318teuthologyBugNewNormalOn sepia. Cannot manually lock rhel machine on teuthology Warren Usui06/05/2018 01:22 AM
22684teuthologyBugIn ProgressNormalceph-ansible installs may be broken.Warren Usui01/24/2018 11:35 PM
22519teuthologyBugDuplicateNormalInstaller.0 change does not work when rbd_pool is created and no monitor is on the installer machineWarren Usui12/21/2017 02:33 AM
22489teuthologyBugNewNormalceph_ansible installations may not work with rgw tasks.Zack Cerza12/20/2017 12:14 AM
22318teuthologyBugNewNormalceph_ansible installs fail.Warren Usui12/05/2017 04:49 AMansible
22155teuthologyBugNewNormalteuthology expects .vault_pass.txt to exist and be non-empty.05/16/2018 09:06 PM
21841teuthologyFeatureNewNormalTest needed for: RGW ERROR: got unexpected error when trying to read object: -2Warren Usui10/18/2017 11:41 PMQA Suite
21840teuthologyFeatureNewNormalCheck for: bucket check --fix fails with (90) Message too longWarren Usui10/18/2017 11:37 PMQA Suite
21839teuthologyFeatureNewNormalTest to make sure that a multipart upload race condition inssue does not happen.Warren Usui10/18/2017 11:32 PMQA Suite
21838teuthologyFeatureNewNormalTest -- ‘radosgw-admin bucket check –fixWarren Usui10/18/2017 11:32 PMQA Suite
21837teuthologyFeatureNewNormalTest that osd_scrub_during_recovery=falseWarren Usui10/18/2017 11:33 PMQA Suite
21836teuthologyFeatureNewNormalOSD compaction command should be tested.Warren Usui10/18/2017 10:51 PMQA Suite
21835teuthologyFeatureNewNormalChanging OSD backend from leveldb to rocksdb needs a test.Warren Usui10/18/2017 10:43 PMQA Suite
19945sepiaSupportResolvedNormalCobbler Access RequestDavid Galloway05/18/2017 04:25 PMInfrastructure Service
19425teuthologyBugCan't reproduceNormalrun-playbook errors in ceph-ansible.pyWarren Usui10/09/2019 05:49 PMansible
17498teuthologyFeatureNewNormalTeutology should not be using git builder to get kernel packages.Warren Usui10/04/2016 10:12 PM
16977sepiaBugResolvedNormalvpm hostnames are frequently cloud.David Galloway08/10/2016 07:06 PMInfrastructure Service
16812ceph-qa-suiteBugNewNormalOpenstack scripts should not used fixed glance, cinder, and nova conf files.Warren Usui07/25/2016 08:35 PM
16770ceph-qa-suiteBugNewNormalOpenstack scripts rely on ceph-deployWarren Usui07/21/2016 09:05 PM
16534teuthologyBugNeed More InfoNormalteuthology-lock still locks a vm when the downburst PATH is invalid.Warren Usui09/13/2016 10:22 PM
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