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53896CephBugNewHighrados: 16.2.7 gcc-12 compile error in librados/snap_set_diff.cc01/15/2022 02:49 PMlibradosCeph - v16.2.8 has undefined symbol: _ZN3fmt2v86detail13error_handler8on_errorEPKc breaking libvirt virtstoraged01/12/2022 01:38 AM
53596rgwFixResolvedNormalrgw:cleanup/refactor json and xml encoders and decodersKaleb KEITHLEY12/14/2021 03:05 PMCeph - v17.0.0
52415RADOSBugResolvedNormalrocksdb: build error with rocksdb-6.22.x09/19/2021 01:58 PMCeph - v16.2.6
51599rgwFixResolvedNormalrgw: cleanup virtual dtor decls and defnsKaleb KEITHLEY07/22/2021 03:52 PM
51181devopsBugNewNormal Add systemd-udev require 06/11/2021 08:14 PMrpmCeph - v17.0.0
50999CephBugNewNormalbogus version of gperftools(-devel) [tcmalloc] for rhel8+epel05/27/2021 12:39 PMbuild
50760DashboardBugNeed More InfoNormal[mgr/dashboard] build fails if python3-virtualenv-xx is not installedErnesto Puerta05/20/2021 01:04 PMBuild, CI, Dependencies & Tools
50291rgwBugResolvedNormalceph-16.2.0 builds have started failing in Fedora 35/rawhide w/ librabbitmq-0.11.0Yuval Lifshitz09/06/2021 04:24 PM
49521RADOSBugNewNormalbuild failure on centos-8, bad/incorrect use of #ifdef/#elif05/05/2021 02:21 PMCeph - v15.2.10
49081CephBugNewNormalpackages fail to install on Fedora 34/rawhide due to missing shared lib libneoradostest-support.so02/01/2021 04:38 PMbuildCeph - v16.1.1
49080CephBugDuplicateNormalpackages fail to install on Fedora 34/rawhide due to missing shared lib libblk.so02/19/2021 04:11 AMbuildCeph - v16.1.1
49078CephBugNewNormalbuild failure on fedora-34/rawhide when building with system liburing02/01/2021 02:33 PMbuildCeph - v16.1.1
48996rbdBugResolvedNormalbuild failure on fedora-34/rawhide with boost 1.7505/24/2021 09:46 PMCeph - v15.2.9
48823devopsBugNewNormalbuild: use fuse3 and fuse3-devel instead of fuse, fuse-devel01/11/2021 01:27 PMCeph - v16.0.0
46880rgwBugResolvedNormalrgw: unnecessary inclusion of rgw_rados.h08/13/2020 02:01 PMCeph - v16.0.0
46661CephBackportNeed More InfoNormalcommon: /usr/lib64/ceph/ isn't CET enabledNathan Cutler09/23/2020 01:27 PM
46424rgwBugResolvedNormal [RGW]: avc denial observed for pid=13757 comm="radosgw" on starting RabbitMQ at port 5672Kaleb KEITHLEY08/18/2020 10:17 PMCeph - v14.2.11
45022rgwBugResolvedNormalSElinux denials observed on teuthology multisite runKaleb KEITHLEY06/03/2020 12:20 PMCeph - v14.2.9
44771CephFSBugResolvedHighceph-fuse: ceph::__ceph_abort(): ceph-fuse killed by SIGABRT in Client::_do_remountZheng Yan05/11/2020 02:23 PMCeph - v16.0.0
44403CephBugFix Under ReviewNormal/usr/lib64/ceph/ isn't CET enabled09/23/2020 01:24 PMlibradosCeph - v15.0.0 fedora-32 (rawhide) build with python-3.805/12/2020 12:33 PMbuildCeph - v15.0.0
43456CephFixResolvedNormalgcc-10: a couple of small fixes to build with gcc-10Kefu Chai05/12/2020 12:34 PMcommonCeph - v15.0.0
43411rgwFeatureClosedNormalrgw: build radosgw daemon as a shared lib + small executableKaleb KEITHLEY03/26/2020 01:00 PMCeph - v15.0.0
42655mgrBugNewNormalmgr-diskprediction-cloud is missing python dependencies Kefu Chai12/13/2019 07:48 AMpackaging
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