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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
43525mgrFeatureIn ProgressNormalmgr/dashboard: Enable compiler options used by Angular --strict flagTiago Melo01/08/2020 05:33 PMdashboard/general
42929mgrBugNewNormalmgr/dashboard: Random failure in Pool unit test12/02/2019 04:47 AMdashboard/qa
42817mgrFeatureNewNormalmgr/dashboard: Missing e2e tests for RBD Snapshots11/14/2019 03:33 PMdashboard/qa
42815mgrFeatureNewNormalmgr/dashboard: Missing e2e tests for RBD Namespaces12/05/2019 09:37 PMdashboard/qa
42812mgrBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Unit test is failing because of the timezoneTiago Melo11/14/2019 05:34 PMdashboard/UICeph - v15.0.0
42778mgrBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Missing invalid message for pool name validationTiago Melo11/20/2019 11:23 AMdashboard/poolsCeph - v15.0.0
42747mgrBackportResolvedNormalnautilus: mgr/dashboard: MDS counters chart's tooltip is overlapping the data pointsTiago Melo11/15/2019 02:24 PMCeph - v14.2.5
42743mgrBackportResolvedNormalnautilus: mgr/dashboard: false alignment of MDS chart data pointsTiago Melo11/19/2019 04:53 PMCeph - v14.2.5
42623mgrBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: MDS counters chart's tooltip is overlapping the data pointsTiago Melo11/15/2019 08:38 AMdashboard/cephfsCeph - v15.0.0
42622mgrBugPending BackportNormalmgr/dashboard: MDS counter chart: We should display the total number of request in the last secondsTiago Melo12/02/2019 12:42 PMdashboard/cephfs
42567mgrBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: cephfs mds counters are being wrongly convertedTiago Melo10/31/2019 11:08 AMdashboard/cephfs
42302mgrBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: iSCSI Target form doesn't show error message for portalsTiago Melo11/05/2019 11:27 AMdashboard/iscsiCeph - v15.0.0
41927mgrFeatureNewNormalmgr/dashboard: Improve display of inline tabs09/19/2019 09:37 AMdashboard/UI
41075mgrBugResolvedNormalnautilus: mgr/dashboard: ceph dashboard Jenkins job fails due to webdriver error: "session not created: Chrome version must be between 71 and 75"Tiago Melo08/21/2019 02:47 PMdashboard/qaCeph - v14.2.3
40984mgrBugNewNormalmgr/dashboard: It should not be possible to remove layering feature07/26/2019 02:22 PMdashboard/usability
40829mgrBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: RGW User quota validation is not working correctlyVolker Theile08/20/2019 08:38 AMdashboard/usabilityCeph - v15.0.0
40715mgrBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Disable event propagation in the helper iconTiago Melo12/16/2019 12:23 PMdashboard/usabilityCeph - v15.0.0
40677mgrFixResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Fix npm vulnerabilitiesTiago Melo08/19/2019 01:11 PMdashboard/generalCeph - v15.0.0
40329mgrFeatureResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: It should be possible to set an expiration date for the user passwordTatjana Dehler12/16/2019 09:50 AMdashboard/usermgmtCeph - v15.0.0
40017mgrBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Some validations are not updated and prevent the submission of a formTiago Melo06/13/2019 11:50 AMdashboard/nfs-ganeshaCeph - v15.0.0
39996mgrBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Angular is creating multiple instances of the same serviceTiago Melo06/13/2019 11:52 AMdashboard/generalCeph - v15.0.0
39944mgrFeatureResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Reduce the number of renders on the tablesTiago Melo06/13/2019 11:51 AMdashboard/generalCeph - v15.0.0
39384mgrCleanupResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: Unify the look of dashboard chartsTiago Melo06/12/2019 08:04 AMCeph - v15.0.0
39324mgrBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: iSCSI form is showing a warningTiago Melo05/08/2019 11:59 AMdashboard/iscsiCeph - v15.0.0
39126mgrBugDuplicateNormalmgr/dashboard: Infinite loop in RGW status callTiago Melo04/05/2019 02:18 PMdashboard/rgw
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