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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
58616CephBugResolvedNormalbuild failing due to xsimd_ep hash mismatch when building arrowCasey Bodley01/31/2023 04:13 PM
58615CephBugNewUrgentbuild failing due to liburing sha256 mismatchSamuel Just01/31/2023 01:57 AM
58529RADOSBugFix Under ReviewNormalosd: very slow recovery due to delayed push reply messagesSridhar Seshasayee02/03/2023 08:34 AM
58498InfrastructureBugNewNormalceph: pgs stuck backfilling01/20/2023 08:49 PM
58486crimsonBugFix Under ReviewNormalcrimson: out of order opSamuel Just01/31/2023 10:59 PM
58179crimsonBugDuplicateNormalcrimson: api_aio_pp: [ FAILED ] LibRadosAio.SimplePoolEIOFlagSamuel Just12/05/2022 09:02 PM
57873crimsonBugNewNormalcrimson: override overrides.ceph.flavor in crimson_qa_overrides.yaml as wellSamuel Just10/15/2022 08:36 PM
57801crimsonBugNewNormalcrimson: tag pool types as crimson, disallow snapshot, scrub, ec operationsSamuel Just10/12/2022 11:06 PM
57799crimsonBugNewNormalcrimson: add guard rails to enable crimson on a clusterSamuel Just10/12/2022 05:10 PM
57798crimsonBugNewNormalcrimson: actually set CRIMSON_COMPAT for teuthology workunitsSamuel Just10/12/2022 05:10 PM
57791crimsonBugResolvedNormalcrimson: zero becomes truncate if region exceeds object boundSamuel Just10/13/2022 08:02 PM
57789crimsonBugResolvedNormalcrimson: add list_snapsSamuel Just10/13/2022 08:02 PM
57774crimsonBugNewNormalcrimson: skip snapshot tests for test_librbdSamuel Just10/12/2022 05:08 PM
57773crimsonBugResolvedNormalcrimson: TestLibRBD.TestCompareAndWriteStripeUnitSuccessPP fails with EINVALSamuel Just10/13/2022 08:02 PM
57759crimsonBugResolvedNormalcrimson: rbdv1 needs TMAP, easier to implement than to skip rbdv1 testsSamuel Just10/13/2022 08:02 PM
57758crimsonBugNewNormalcrimson: disable autoscale for crimson in teuthologySamuel Just10/12/2022 05:09 PM
57740crimsonBugResolvedNormalcrimson: op hang while running ./bin/ceph_test_rados_api_aio_pp and ./bin/ceph_test_rados_api_aio concurrently10/05/2022 11:51 PM
57739crimsonBugNewNormalcrimson: LogMissingRequest and RepRequest operator<< access possibly invalid reqSamuel Just09/30/2022 11:14 PM
57738crimsonBugResolvedNormalcrimson: repop ordering bugSamuel Just10/06/2022 11:28 PM
57654crimsonBugNewNormalcrimson/osd: check blocked peering ops when we get a new map and cancel any for which there has been an interval changeSamuel Just09/22/2022 09:47 PM
57653crimsonBugNewNormalcrimson/os: remove CollectionRef from FuturizedStore interfaceSamuel Just09/22/2022 08:10 PM
57629crimsonBugNewNormalcrimson: segfault during mkfsSamuel Just10/19/2022 05:06 AM
57626crimsonBugNewNormalcrimson: add gate for peering related async tasks09/21/2022 05:07 PM
57617crimsonBugResolvedNormalcrimson: need to actually set version/user_version for duplicate opsSamuel Just10/05/2022 11:48 PM
57530crimsonBugResolvedNormalcrimson/seastore: crash in --mkfs with vstart09/15/2022 04:07 AM
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