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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
53685RADOSBugNewNormalAssertion `HAVE_FEATURE(features, SERVER_OCTOPUS)' failed.06/16/2022 03:28 PM
53261bluestoreBugDuplicateUrgentpacific: OMAP upgrade to PER-PG format result in skipped first key.11/18/2021 12:30 PM
53260bluestoreBugResolvedUrgentOMAP upgrade to PER-PG format result in skipped first key.Adam Kupczyk11/19/2021 11:40 PM
53129bluestoreBugResolvedNormalBlueFS truncate() and poweroff can create corrupted filesAdam Kupczyk06/13/2022 12:10 PM
50965bluestoreBugResolvedNormalIn poweroff conditions BlueFS can create corrupted filesAdam Kupczyk09/20/2021 04:26 PM
46027bluestoreBugResolvedLowbufferlist c_str() sometimes clears assignment to mempoolAdam Kupczyk03/03/2021 12:11 PM
45903bluestoreBugResolvedNormalBlueFS replay log grows without endAdam Kupczyk02/04/2021 06:43 PMCeph - v12.2.12
43538bluestoreBugResolvedNormalBlueFS volume selector assertAdam Kupczyk09/28/2020 09:02 PM
43353bluestoreBugCan't reproduceNormalBlueFS files read and written at the same timeAdam Kupczyk07/30/2020 01:54 PM
38176bluestoreBugWon't FixNormalUnable to recover from ENOSPC in BlueFS, WALAdam Kupczyk03/29/2019 02:29 PM
21261sepiaSupportResolvedNormalSepia Lab Access RequestDavid Galloway09/06/2017 02:35 PMUser access
21012sepiaSupportResolvedNormalSepia Lab Access RequestDavid Galloway08/22/2017 03:10 PMUser access
19374sepiaSupportResolvedNormalRequesting lab access for scheduling jobsDavid Galloway05/04/2017 09:20 PMUser access
54465bluestoreBugResolvedNormalBlueFS broken sync compaction modeAdam Kupczyk09/19/2022 09:10 AMbackport_processed
54248bluestoreBugResolvedNormalBlueFS improperly tracks vselector sizes in _flush_special()Adam Kupczyk09/19/2022 09:09 AMbackport_processed

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