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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
42092sepiaSupportClosedNormalSepia Lab Access Request (for secondary host)adam kraitman10/23/2019 10:10 AMUser access
40081RADOSBugClosedHighmon: luminous crash attempting to decode maps after nautilus quorum has been formedJoao Eduardo Luis10/02/2020 10:07 PMCorrectness/Safety
30630CephBugResolvedNormalclarification/removal needed: docs recommend upgrading with authentication disabledZac Dover08/06/2020 06:06 AMdocumentation
23760RADOSBugNewNormalmon: `config get <who>` does not allow `who` as 'mon'/'osd'12/05/2019 09:36 PMAdministration/Usability
23493RADOSFeatureResolvedNormalconfig: strip/escape single-quotes in values when setting them via conf file/assimilate conf08/03/2022 02:33 PMAdministration/Usabilitylow-hanging-fruit
23345RADOSBugResolvedImmediate`ceph osd erasure-code-profile set` crashes the monitors on vstart clustersJoao Eduardo Luis04/06/2018 03:44 AM
21309RADOSBugResolvedUrgentmon/OSDMonitor: deleting pool while pgs are being created leads to assert(p != pools.end) in update_creating_pgs()Joao Eduardo Luis09/15/2017 08:34 PMCorrectness/SafetyCeph - v13.0.0
20631RADOSBugResolvedImmediateOSD needs restart after upgrade to luminous IF upgraded before a luminous quorum07/17/2017 03:05 PM
20486RADOSDocumentationResolvedHighDocument how to use bluestore compression08/29/2017 07:38 PMAdministration/Usability
20311CephFeatureNewNormalmon/test: increase coverage of test-mon-msg06/15/2017 10:35 AMMonitor
19601CephCleanupResolvedNormalmon: handle cases where store->get() may return error or empty blJos Collin10/25/2017 01:41 PMMonitorlow-hanging-fruit
17780sepiaFixResolvedHighupdate joao's ssh key throughout the labDavid Galloway11/03/2016 03:12 PMUser access
14934CephBugWon't FixNormalcommon/config_opts.h: audit OPT_INT/OPT_UINT and handle incorrect signed uint09/13/2017 02:55 PMcommonlow-hanging-fruit
12356CephBugResolvedUrgenttest/erasure-code/ TEST_rados_put_get_jerasure: return 1Loïc Dachary08/08/2015 12:38 PM
12179CephBugDuplicateHighosd: FAILED assert(info.last_epoch_started >= info.history.last_epoch_started)Samuel Just09/22/2015 02:46 PMOSD
11815CephFeatureResolvedUrgentmon: allow injecting new crushmapKefu Chai07/31/2015 01:10 PMMonitorCeph - v9.0.6
11786CephBugResolvedUrgentmon: MonitorDBStore iterator's get_next_key() returns wrong keysJoao Eduardo Luis11/10/2015 11:14 AMMonitor
11545CephFeatureResolvedNormalmon: have mon-specific commands under 'ceph mon ...'Joao Eduardo Luis07/16/2015 05:45 PMMonitor
10844CephBugResolvedUrgentmon: caps validation should rely on EntityName instead of entity_name_tJoao Eduardo Luis03/26/2015 02:26 PMMonitor
10509CephFeatureClosedNormalmon: wishlist tracking ticket07/31/2020 11:48 AMMonitor
10508CephSubtaskNewNormalmon: finer-grain Paxos::is_readable() / PaxosService::is_readable()02/03/2015 09:08 PMMonitor
10507CephFeatureResolvedNormalmon: have an OpTrackerJoao Eduardo Luis07/16/2015 05:44 PMMonitorCeph - v9.0.6
10506RADOSCleanupNewNormalmon: get rid of QuorumServicesJoao Eduardo Luis07/11/2017 02:01 PMCode HygieneCeph - v13.0.0
9890CephSubtaskCan't reproduceNormalmon: VIRT usage 2.4G larger than tcmalloc's VIRT stats (dumpling, centos6.3)Joao Eduardo Luis04/12/2017 04:35 PMMonitor
9889CephBugClosedNormalmon: leveldb weirdnessJoao Eduardo Luis04/12/2017 04:36 PMMonitor
9852CephBugResolvedNormalmon: monitor asserts on 'ceph mds add_data_pool X' if X is an ID that DNEJoao Eduardo Luis11/10/2014 02:51 PMMonitor
9644CephBugCan't reproduceNormalceph-disk not playing nice with test/erasure-code/test-erasure-code.sh10/03/2014 07:17 AM
9431CephFeatureNewNormalmon: audit read-only commands on a lower level than default09/11/2014 07:40 AMMonitor
9418CephBugResolvedUrgentmon: drop internal-purpose messages from clients without proper capsJoao Eduardo Luis09/05/2015 12:23 PMMonitor
9378CephSubtaskClosedNormalmon: audit helpers that put() messages but do not get() them06/17/2015 09:11 AMMonitorlow-hanging-fruit
8696CephBugResolvedUrgentmon: 'osd pool set' must take into account pool's nature when setting some variablesJoao Eduardo Luis08/12/2014 02:48 PMMonitor
8639CephFeatureResolvedNormalmon: dispatch messages while blocked waiting for IOSage Weil08/28/2014 10:57 AMMonitorCeph - 0.86
8638RADOSTasksNewNormalmon: test rocksdb performance03/04/2019 10:15 PM
8637CephTasksNewNormalleveldb: initial inquiries on how we can improve leveldb06/20/2014 11:10 AM
8429CephBugResolvedHighadmin socket: commands always return 0 even if erroneous04/12/2017 04:20 PMcommon
8150CephFeatureResolvedNormalmon: disseminate config options throughout the mon clusterJoao Eduardo Luis03/11/2019 09:39 PMMonitor
7751CephBugClosedNormalos: LevelDBStore: needs to check iter->status() during get()Joao Eduardo Luis04/12/2017 05:28 PM
7560CephFixClosedHighmon: add compat set feature to mark an upgraded pg format in order to disallow downgradesJoao Eduardo Luis03/27/2014 10:37 AMMonitor
7448CephBugDuplicateHighos/ FAILED assert(fd >= 0)Joao Eduardo Luis03/11/2014 01:20 PMOSD
7429devopsBugResolvedImmediatefedora 19 VMs: leveldb must be upgraded to something newer than 1.9.0Sandon Van Ness02/26/2014 06:19 PM
7428Ceph-deployBugResolvedHighfedora 19 VMs: /etc/sudoers prevents ceph-deploy operations by requiring ttyAlfredo Deza10/05/2014 11:06 PM
6850CephBugClosedNormalmon: 'ceph health detail' with formatted output doesn't report low space on detailJoao Eduardo Luis03/24/2014 07:34 AMMonitor
6806CephBugResolvedHighmon: audit cmd_getval() calls to make sure they handle failures correctlyJoao Eduardo Luis05/20/2014 01:46 PMMonitor
6805CephFeatureResolvedNormalmon: find a way to properly extend/change mon commands without breaking backward compatibilityGreg Farnum12/15/2013 08:57 PMMonitorCeph - v0.75
6732CephFeatureRejectedLowmon: 'mon_status' should provide as much insight as 'ping'Joao Eduardo Luis03/24/2014 07:06 AMMonitor
6683CephBugResolvedLowmon: MonmapMonitor: specify epoch in 'mon getmap'Joao Eduardo Luis11/08/2013 10:43 PMMonitor
6620CephBugResolvedHighmon: MDSMonitor/MDSMap: 'ceph report' leads to segfault on MDSMap::dump_infoJoao Eduardo Luis01/23/2014 09:26 AMMonitor
6361CephBugResolvedHighmon: 'heap' commands not workingJoao Eduardo Luis09/24/2013 09:02 AMMonitor
6323CephBugResolvedHighmon: osdmon: don't create a huge transaction on update_from_paxos(), when rebuilding full versionsJoao Eduardo Luis09/23/2013 02:20 PMMonitor
6322CephBugResolvedUrgentmon: osdmon: write 'latest_full' after rebuilding full version from incrementals on update_from_paxos()Joao Eduardo Luis09/23/2013 02:20 PMMonitor
5986CephBugResolvedUrgentmon: FAILED assert(snaps.count(s)) when removing pool snap on 0.61.7Joao Eduardo Luis08/17/2013 09:00 AMMonitor
5984CephFeatureResolvedNormalmon: probe monitors to check on their status regardless of quorumJoao Eduardo Luis10/23/2013 02:31 AMMonitor
5909CephFeatureResolvedNormalmon: keep track of monitor store size estimate vs 'du $mon_data'Joao Eduardo Luis08/26/2013 01:20 PMMonitorCeph - v0.68 - continued
5908CephFeatureRejectedNormalmon: formatted output sections should be consistent across services and functionsJoao Eduardo Luis08/16/2013 02:08 PMMonitorCeph - v0.68
5896CephBugResolvedHighmon: MonmapMonitor: 'ceph mon add' always returns 'mon already exists'Joao Eduardo Luis10/03/2013 06:27 PMMonitor
5737CephBugResolvedImmediatemon: assert(latest_full > 0) on 0.61.6Joao Eduardo Luis07/24/2013 10:42 PMMonitor
5640CephBugResolvedNormalmon: FAILED assert(!db->create_and_open(std::cerr)) on 0.61.4Joao Eduardo Luis07/16/2013 10:35 AMMonitor
5471CephBugResolvedLowmon: do not join a quorum if quorum's version is lower than oursJoao Eduardo Luis08/23/2013 03:07 PMMonitor
5343CephBugResolvedHighmon: infinite OSDMonitor::update_from_paxos() on single-monitor setupJoao Eduardo Luis06/18/2013 12:57 PMMonitor
5260CephBugResolvedHighmon: FAILED assert(other->is_writeable()) from MDSMonitor on 0.61.2Joao Eduardo Luis06/07/2013 09:35 AMMonitor
5205CephBugResolvedUrgentmon: FAILED assert(ret == 0) on config's set_val_or_die() from pick_addresses()06/24/2013 04:24 PMMonitor
5203CephBugResolvedHighmon: backup monmap for sync appears to drop correct monitor names?Joao Eduardo Luis05/30/2013 10:22 PMMonitor
5102CephBugResolvedHighmon: assert(is_active()) on propose_pending()Joao Eduardo Luis05/23/2013 10:22 AMMonitor
5072CephBugCan't reproduceHighmon: segfault on leveldb::Table::Open() during monitor start06/18/2013 12:42 PMMonitor
5062CephBugCan't reproduceUrgentmon: 0.61.2 asserts on AuthMonitor during monitor startJoao Eduardo Luis10/18/2013 11:20 AMMonitor
4620CephBugResolvedHighmon: Paxos proposals take too long to finish when transaction is hugeJoao Eduardo Luis04/19/2013 11:02 AMMonitor
4574CephBugResolvedHighmon: HEALTH_OK even if data health is HEALTH_WARNJoao Eduardo Luis04/19/2013 02:30 PMMonitor
4543CephBugResolvedUrgentmon: corrupted store if monitor dies mid-syncJoao Eduardo Luis04/22/2013 03:08 PMMonitor
4519CephBugResolvedUrgentmon: on auth/none/AuthNoneServiceHandler.h: FAILED assert(0) on v0.59 with auth 'none'Joao Eduardo Luis03/21/2013 09:05 PMMonitor
4513CephDocumentationWon't FixNormalblog: update 'monitor changes' article to state v0.59 instead of v0.5805/16/2016 04:20 PM
4509CephBugResolvedUrgentmon: on DataHealthService: FAILED assert(!stats.empty())Joao Eduardo Luis03/20/2013 06:34 PMMonitor
4487CephBugDuplicateUrgentosd: FAILED assert(0 == "FileJournal::read_entry(): corrupt journal")Samuel Just04/01/2013 02:46 PMOSD
4349CephBugClosedNormalon v0.56.3, 'rados get' returns huge positive error value03/05/2013 02:38 PMlibrados
4281CephBugResolvedHighmon: FAILED assert(success) on LogMonitorJoao Eduardo Luis02/27/2013 04:11 PMMonitor
4268CephBugCan't reproduceNormalmon: timecheck: teuthology task fails due to unreported timecheck from leaderJoao Eduardo Luis06/18/2013 01:29 PMMonitor
4218CephBugResolvedNormalmon: segfault on 'ceph quorum'Joao Eduardo Luis03/04/2013 06:27 AMMonitor
4175CephBugResolvedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: during proposal of learned value, assert(have_pending)Joao Eduardo Luis02/18/2013 02:30 AMMonitor
4162CephBugResolvedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: on sync, corrupted paxos storeJoao Eduardo Luis02/20/2013 03:40 PMMonitor
4103CephBugDuplicateNormalmon: Single-Paxos: on MonitorDBStore, segfault during syncJoao Eduardo Luis02/17/2013 06:03 PMMonitorCeph - v0.58
4041CephBugCan't reproduceNormalmon: Single-Paxos: on Paxos, leader didn't trim old versionsJoao Eduardo Luis06/18/2013 01:21 PMMonitor
4040CephBugResolvedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: on PGMonitor, FAILED assert(0 == "update_from_paxos: error parsing incremental update")Joao Eduardo Luis02/17/2013 05:57 PMMonitorCeph - v0.58
4037CephBugResolvedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: on Paxos, FAILED assert(begin->last_committed == last_committed)Joao Eduardo Luis02/17/2013 05:58 PMMonitorCeph - v0.58
4026CephBugResolvedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: abort on LogMonitor::update_from_paxosJoao Eduardo Luis02/17/2013 05:57 PMMonitorCeph - v0.58
3996CephBugResolvedNormalmon: 'ceph mon add' results in dubious return messageJoao Eduardo Luis10/15/2013 02:18 PMMonitor
3835CephBugResolvedHighmon: timecheck: hits FAILED assert(m->epoch == timecheck_epoch) when monitors are severely laggedSage Weil01/17/2013 10:13 AMMonitor
3609CephBugResolvedNormalmon: track down the Monitor's memory consuption sourcesJoao Eduardo Luis05/22/2013 11:10 AMMonitor
3605CephSubtaskResolvedNormalmon: print lookup path when reporting -ENOENT to user-spaceJoao Eduardo Luis10/30/2013 04:13 AMMonitor
3604CephFeatureResolvedNormalprint lookup path when reporting -ENOENT to user-space09/24/2014 06:47 AM
3587CephBugResolvedHighmon: election doesn't finish during heavy mon thrashingJoao Eduardo Luis12/08/2012 09:20 AMMonitorCeph - v0.56
3515RADOSBugResolvedHighmon: segfault when 'crush set' with different buckets with the same name06/19/2017 03:58 PM
3500RADOSFixNewNormalmon: use new MessageRef and intrusive_ptr's throughout the Monitor's message handling07/23/2018 05:08 PM
3497CephBugResolvedHighmon: leader segfaults after restarting osdsJoao Eduardo Luis11/16/2012 10:26 AMMonitor
3477CephBugResolvedHighmon: 'entity_inst_t OSDMap::get_inst(int)' fails on 'assert(is_up(osd))'Joao Eduardo Luis11/14/2012 02:19 AMMonitor
3276CephBugResolvedNormalauth: keyring comma-separated locations not being parsedJoao Eduardo Luis10/09/2012 01:35 PMMonitor
3069CephSubtaskRejectedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: messaging: log MMonSync messages for offline matchingJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMCeph - v0.59
2805CephSubtaskResolvedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: Sync: Create a test unit to verify the correctness of the whole-space and snapshot iteratorsJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2758CephSubtaskResolvedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: Sync: Extend the in-memory mock-up of KeyValueDB to support the safe iteratorJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2757CephSubtaskResolvedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: Sync: pack chunks of the MonitorDBStore into transactionsJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2756CephSubtaskResolvedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: LevelDBStore: Make iterator thread-safeJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2746CephSubtaskRejectedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: Sync: Test message passingJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2745CephSubtaskClosedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: Sync: Add new message support to the Monitor classJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2744CephSubtaskResolvedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: Sync: Create new Message typeJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2741CephSubtaskResolvedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: Sync: Assess requirements for QA testsJoao Eduardo Luis01/22/2015 02:16 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2739CephSubtaskResolvedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: Sync: Synchronize the store of a drifted monitorJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2738CephSubtaskRejectedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: Sync: Add snapshot support to the monitor storeJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2737CephSubtaskResolvedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: Sync: Force trimming to be proposed through PaxosJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2736CephSubtaskResolvedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: Sync: Implement message passingJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2674CephSubtaskRejectedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: mon commits suicide after remove&addJoao Eduardo Luis10/30/2013 04:12 AMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2659CephSubtaskCan't reproduceNormalmon: Single-Paxos: ceph tool -w subscriptions not being updatedJoao Eduardo Luis06/24/2013 06:30 AMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2645CephSubtaskRejectedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: Could not decrypt ticket info (immediately after running -n -x)Joao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2643CephSubtaskClosedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: mds: Strange message behavior on peonJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2633CephSubtaskClosedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: ceph tool unable to connect to monitorJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2622CephSubtaskResolvedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: convert existing, old MonitorStore to a brand new MonitorDBStoreJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2621CephSubtaskResolvedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: synchronize the MonitorDBStore of oblivious monitorJoao Eduardo Luis01/22/2015 02:16 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2620CephSubtaskClosedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: MDSMonitor: MMDSBeacon from entity with insufficient priviledgesJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2616CephSubtaskClosedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: AuthMonitor: key_server has no entriesJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2615CephSubtaskClosedNormalmon: Single-Paxos: MDSMap::get_health() assertingJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2614CephSubtaskClosedNormalSingle Paxos instance shared across the existing servicesJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2613CephSubtaskResolvedNormalSandbox PaxosServices accesses to the storeJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2612CephSubtaskResolvedNormalMonitor key/value storeJoao Eduardo Luis02/19/2013 02:37 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59
2611CephFeatureResolvedNormalmon: Single-PaxosJoao Eduardo Luis01/22/2015 02:16 PMMonitorCeph - v0.59CY2012
2382CephBugResolvedUrgentosd: unable to start due to 1 child already startedSage Weil05/03/2012 08:13 PMOSD
2223CephFeatureResolvedNormalTracing facility on FileStoreJoao Eduardo Luis04/12/2012 12:15 PMOSDCeph - v0.46
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