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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
43981ceph-volumeBugResolvedNormalceph-volume fails when rerunning lvm create on already existing OSDsGuillaume Abrioux03/02/2020 12:34 PM
43970ceph-volumeBugResolvedNormalhas_bluestore_label() doesn't work when vg/lv is passed03/02/2020 12:34 PM
43969ceph-volumeBugResolvedNormallvm list for single report is broken when passing vg/lv03/02/2020 12:35 PM
41393ceph-volumeFeatureNewNormal[rfe] ceph-volume lvm list to report objectstore type08/22/2019 01:12 PM
41392ceph-volumeBugResolvedNormalceph-volume can't do a 'simple scan' on a running osd when dmcrypt is enabled09/24/2019 02:32 PM
41391ceph-volumeBugWon't FixNormalceph-volume doesn't detect invalid options12/12/2019 11:02 AM
41374ceph-volumeBugNewNormaljournal size can't be overridden with --journal-size when using --journal-devices in lvm batch mode03/03/2020 04:35 PM
39355CephBugClosedNormalrunning ceph command on a partially upgraded cluster might fail08/27/2019 11:14 AM
39156ceph-volumeBugResolvedNormalzap should force writes to disk - dd does not by defaultRishabh Dave01/21/2020 01:33 PM
38941mgrBugClosedNormalError when enabling mgr module 'restful'05/02/2019 02:28 PMCeph - v14.0.0
38767CephBugNewNormalupgrading ceph packages always triggers a service restart03/16/2019 10:23 AMCeph - v14.0.0
36246ceph-volumeBugResolvedNormalconfusing message when running a 'ceph-volume scan'11/07/2018 02:46 PM
23650CephBugResolvedNormaladd a missing dependency for e2fsprogsGuillaume Abrioux10/18/2018 03:33 PMbuild
20209sepiaSupportResolvedNormalSepia Lab Access RequestDavid Galloway06/22/2017 08:39 PMUser access

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