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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
38934CephDocumentationResolvedNormal"Developer Guide" appears two times in table of contentsNathan Cutler03/27/2019 11:18 AMdocumentation
22253rbdBugCan't reproduceNormal"rbd info" crashed: stack smashing detected11/30/2017 01:27 PM
45462OrchestratorBugFix Under ReviewNormal' focal Release' does not have a Release file.05/11/2020 09:54 AM
45453InfrastructureBugNewNormal' focal Release' does not have a Release file.05/08/2020 08:28 PM
38892RADOSBugClosedLow/ceph/src/tools/ internal compiler error: Segmentation faultBrad Hubbard12/05/2019 11:24 PMCode Hygiene
40749teuthologyBugNewNormal/task/ AnsibleFailedError: RepresenterError: ('cannot represent an object', u'mira062')07/12/2019 09:41 AMansible
38145CephBugNewNormal/usr/bin/ld: bad reloc symbol index02/01/2019 10:09 AMcommonQA
44122OrchestratorBugNewLowbin/cephadm cannot read vstart's ceph.conf02/13/2020 02:36 PMcephadm (binary)
43932OrchestratorBugResolvedNormalbin/cephadm: All daemons should call port_in_use02/13/2020 11:50 AMcephadm (binary)
44039OrchestratorBugRejectedNormalbin/cephadm: Remove --allow-fqdn-hostname03/30/2020 06:08 PM
36373mgrBugResolvedNormalbuild failes, if there is no system-wide NPM installation: `ng` not foundSebastian Wagner11/09/2018 10:34 AMdashboard/general
37390ceph-volumeBugResolvedNormalc-v inventory returns invalid JSON 10/25/2019 10:50 AM
23360RADOSBugDuplicateNormalcall to 'ceph osd erasure-code-profile set' asserts the monitors03/14/2018 04:54 PM
44121OrchestratorBugResolvedNormalcalling cephadm shell again looses bash history02/27/2020 07:03 PM
44968OrchestratorBugNeed More InfoNormalcehpadm: another "RuntimeError: Set changed size during iteration"05/04/2020 01:40 PMcephadm
44302OrchestratorBugResolvedUrgentcehpadm: apply_mon: NotImplementedErrorSage Weil03/08/2020 10:29 PM
43803OrchestratorBugResolvedNormalceph orchestrator rgw rm: no valid command foundMatthew Oliver04/09/2020 01:15 PM
43673OrchestratorFeatureNeed More InfoNormalceph-ansible playbook: pivot to cephadm02/24/2020 07:32 PMCeph - v15.0.0
44356ceph-volumeBugNewHighceph-volume inventory: KeyError: 'ceph.cluster_name'Jan Fajerski03/17/2020 04:51 PM
43858ceph-volumeBugNewNormalceph-volume: lvm zap requires `/dev/` prefix01/28/2020 02:56 PM
45335bluestoreBugResolvedUrgentcephadm upgrade: OSD.0 is not coming back after restart: rocksdb: verify_sharding mismatch on sharding. requested = [(L,1,0-,),(O,3,0-13,),(m,3,0-,)] stored = []Adam Kupczyk05/22/2020 04:29 AM
43697OrchestratorFeatureNewNormalcephadm adopt: Add more stuff to the corpus01/20/2020 02:18 PMteuthology
43836OrchestratorFeatureFix Under ReviewNormalcephadm adopt: also adopt Prometheus and Grafana daemons from DeepSea04/02/2020 10:01 AMcephadm/monitoring
44873OrchestratorFeatureIn ProgressNormalcephadm bootstrap: add --apply-spec <cluster.yaml>Daniel Pivonka05/04/2020 01:40 PM
43898OrchestratorBugResolvedHighcephadm CEPHADM_STRAY_HOST: FQDN vs short host names02/14/2020 02:44 PMcephadm
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