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48980OrchestratorFeatureNewNormalorch: add image properties to monitoring spec files01/25/2021 04:31 PM
48979OrchestratorFeatureNewNormalbin/cephadm: add possibilty to query default monitoring images to cephadm01/25/2021 04:28 PM
48978OrchestratorFeatureNewNormalcephadm: show default container images in ceph orch status01/25/2021 04:25 PMcephadm/monitoring
48974OrchestratorDocumentationNewNormaldocument repo_digest01/25/2021 10:52 AM
48972mgrBugFix Under ReviewNormalmgr/alerts: "MGR_MODULE_ERROR: Module 'alerts' has failed: %d format: a number is required, not str"Sebastian Wagner01/25/2021 10:43 AM
45628OrchestratorBugFix Under ReviewUrgentcephadm qa: smoke should verify daemons are actually running01/19/2021 10:50 PMcephadmlow-hanging-fruit
48715OrchestratorBugFix Under ReviewUrgentdocker-mirror: x509: certificate relies on legacy Common Name field, use SANs or temporarily enable Common Name matching with GODEBUG=x509ignoreCN=0]David Galloway01/19/2021 05:15 PMteuthology
45766OrchestratorFeatureNewNormalcephadm: Removal: make sure, enough daemons joined the maps01/19/2021 04:01 PMcephadm/scheduler
44875OrchestratorFeatureNewNormalmgr/rook: PlacementSpec to K8s POD scheduling conversion01/19/2021 04:00 PMmgr/rook
44605OrchestratorFeatureNewHighcephadm: RGW: missing dashboard integrationDaniel Pivonka01/19/2021 03:57 PMcephadm/rgw
45465OrchestratorBugFix Under ReviewHighcephadm: `ceph orch restart osd` has the potential to break your cluster01/19/2021 03:56 PMcephadmux
45564OrchestratorDocumentationDuplicateHighcephadm: document workaround for accessing the admin socket by entering running container01/19/2021 03:53 PM
48510OrchestratorBugNewHighCEPHADM_REFRESH_FAILED: detail item 0 not a [unicode] string01/19/2021 03:52 PMcephadm
48694OrchestratorBugFix Under ReviewHighceph-volume: unrecognized arguments: --filter-for-batchSebastian Wagner01/19/2021 03:48 PM
48894OrchestratorBugNewNormalcephadm e2e: ceph device monitoring off: Error EINVAL01/18/2021 04:30 PMcephadm
48873CephFSBugTriagedNormaltest_cluster_set_reset_user_config: AssertionError: NFS Ganesha cluster deployment failedVarsha Rao01/18/2021 12:03 PMCeph - v17.0.0
44990OrchestratorBugNewNormalcephadm: exec: "/usr/bin/ceph-mon": stat /usr/bin/ceph-mon: no such file or directorySebastian Wagner01/18/2021 11:13 AMcephadm
47684OrchestratorBugResolvedUrgentcephadm: auth get failed: failed to find osd.27 in keyring retval: -2Sebastian Wagner01/15/2021 03:56 PMcephadm/osd
48333OrchestratorDocumentationNewNormalcephadm: document the image used by cephadm to call ceph-volume on remote hosts01/15/2021 04:23 AMcephadm
48846OrchestratorFeatureFix Under ReviewNormalcephadm bootstrap: add --cluster-networkPaul Cuzner01/14/2021 10:10 PMcephadm (binary)Ceph - v16.0.0ux
44676OrchestratorCleanupNewNormalcephadm: Replace execnet (and remoto)01/12/2021 08:47 AMcephadm
48822OrchestratorFeatureNewNormalAdd proper port management to mgr/cephadm01/11/2021 11:47 AMcephadmceph-nano
48806OrchestratorDocumentationNewNormaldocumentation trobleshooting: cephadm; how do i start all containers? 01/08/2021 07:38 PMlow-hanging-fruit
48799OrchestratorBugNewNormaltest_cephadm: stderr Job for container.alertmanager.a.service failed because a timeout was exceeded.01/08/2021 01:53 PMteuthology
48780OrchestratorTasksNewNormalcephadm qa: Add teuthology test for non-trivial drive groups to qa/rados/suites/cephadm01/07/2021 01:55 PMcephadm
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