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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
39083mgrBackportResolvedNormalnautilus: mgr/deepsea: use ceph_volume output in get_inventory()Sebastian Wagner04/10/2019 09:25 PMCeph - v14.2.1
38721rgwDocumentationResolvedNormalRemove OpenStack Kilo reference in the keystone documentation04/01/2019 07:06 AM
38837mgrBackportResolvedNormalnautilus: mgr/orchestrator: Add error handling to interface03/28/2019 10:53 AMCeph - v14.2.1
38934CephDocumentationResolvedNormal"Developer Guide" appears two times in table of contentsNathan Cutler03/27/2019 11:18 AMdocumentation
38048mgrBugNewNormalTeuthology error: mgr/prometheus fails with NewConnectionError03/11/2019 01:56 PMprometheus moduleQA c++: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1plus)Brad Hubbard03/08/2019 06:27 AMbuildQA
38590mgrBugResolvedUrgentmimic: dashboard: failed to compile the dashboard: Cannot find name 'Exclude'Tiago Melo03/07/2019 02:16 PMdashboard/generalQA
38625mgrBugNewNormaldiskprediction_cloud has some type errors03/07/2019 01:57 PMdiskprediction_cloudQA
37651mgrBugCan't reproduceNormalContainer, Mimic: Unable to open CherryPy port02/27/2019 05:29 PMdashboard/backend
38407mgrBugNewNormalFunny issues with python sub-interpreters02/27/2019 09:12 AMpython interfaceCeph - v15.0.0
38223mgrBugResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard should use the orchestrator_cli's backend config to know the orchestratorJeff Layton02/25/2019 10:16 AMdashboard/backendCeph - v14.0.0
37870mgrBackportResolvedNormalmgr/dashboard: (Mimic) UnboundLocalError: local variable 'mirror_mode' referenced before assignmentSebastian Wagner02/12/2019 02:59 PMCeph - v13.2.5
38145CephBugNewNormal/usr/bin/ld: bad reloc symbol index02/01/2019 10:09 AMcommonQA
37709sepiaSupportResolvedNormalSepia Lab Access RequestDavid Galloway01/09/2019 03:41 PMUser access
37717mgrBugResolvedNormalTeuthology error in tasks.mgr.dashboard.test_health.HealthTestAlfonso Martínez12/31/2018 02:32 PMdashboard/backend
37373CephBugNewNormalInteractive mode CLI with Python 3: Traceback when pressing ^D11/23/2018 12:58 AMceph cli
36373mgrBugResolvedNormalbuild failes, if there is no system-wide NPM installation: `ng` not foundSebastian Wagner11/09/2018 10:34 AMdashboard/general
24755mgrDocumentationNewNormalmgr/dashboard: Add Documentation about accessing the Dashboard's API documentation11/08/2018 04:43 PMdashboard/generalCeph - v14.0.0dashboard
23823mgrBugClosedNormalDashboard: redefinition of group name 'path' as group 2; was group 1Sebastian Wagner07/02/2018 12:05 PMdashboard/general
23360RADOSBugDuplicateNormalcall to 'ceph osd erasure-code-profile set' asserts the monitors03/14/2018 04:54 PM
22253rbdBugCan't reproduceNormal"rbd info" crashed: stack smashing detected11/30/2017 01:27 PM 43: FAILED assert(msgr != nullptr)07/21/2017 07:43 AMlibrados
20223rbdBugResolvedNormalrbd.ImageNotFound: __init__() takes exactly 3 positional arguments, 1 givenJason Dillaman06/10/2017 03:24 PM
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