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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
43973OrchestratorFeatureResolvedHighThere is a need for a wrapper to fetch the journald logsMichael Fritch02/06/2020 08:42 PMcephadm (binary)
44063mgrBugResolvedUrgenttox: ImportError: cannot import name 'ensure_text'Kefu Chai02/10/2020 05:02 PMdashboard/qa
46299sepiaBugNeed More InfoHighTrying to pull too many request to registryDavid Galloway09/22/2020 01:45 PM
47035OrchestratorBugNewNormalTypeError: _daemon_action_redeploy() missing 1 required positional argument: 'image'08/19/2020 09:34 AM
47185OrchestratorBugResolvedUrgentTypeError: _daemon_add_misc() got an unexpected keyword argument08/31/2020 09:53 AMorchestrator
45442teuthologyBugNewNormalubuntu 20.02: Hang on: "The following packages will be REMOVED:"05/08/2020 07:43 AM
46154sepiaBugNewNormalunable to pull ceph/ceph-grafana: connection reset by peer06/23/2020 01:20 PMInfrastructure Service
40779mgrBugResolvedNormalUnable to reset / unset module optionsSebastian Wagner11/14/2019 03:51 PMpython interface
40994RADOSBugNewNormalunittest_erasure_code_shec_all Failed with Timeout07/29/2019 10:01 AMEC Pools
42768rbdBugDuplicateNormalunittest_journal: TestFutureImpl.Getters failed: Timeout11/25/2019 10:28 PM
43274rbdBugNeed More InfoNormalunittest_rbd_mirror: Exception: SegFault01/13/2020 09:56 AM
46333InfrastructureBugResolvedHighunittest_rgw_dmclock_scheduler: error while loading shared libraries: No such file or directory07/09/2020 04:02 PM
46734rgw-testingBugPending BackportNormalunittest_rgw_dmclock_scheduler: Queue.SyncRequest: ***Timeout 3600.01 sec: -1 Errors while parsing config file!Casey Bodley09/10/2020 02:47 PM
47109OrchestratorBugResolvedHighwhile doing an upgrade: Module 'osd_support' has failed: Not found or unloadableSebastian Wagner09/07/2020 11:01 AMcephadm/osd
43675OrchestratorFeatureResolvedNormalworkflow for using a signed dashboard certDaniel Pivonka02/25/2020 02:30 PMcephadm (binary)Ceph - v15.0.0
44745CephFeatureNewNormalYAMLFormatter for common/Formatter.h03/25/2020 11:36 AMcommon
47340OrchestratorBugNewNormal_list_devices: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get'09/15/2020 02:35 PM
46813OrchestratorBugResolvedHigh`ceph orch * --refresh` is broken08/24/2020 01:44 PMcephadmCeph - v15.2.5
47336OrchestratorBugNewNormal`orch device ls`: Unexpected argument '--wide'09/07/2020 11:14 AM
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