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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
57509rgwBackportIn ProgressNormalquincy: rgw/sts: add method to modify role max_session_duration for existing rolePritha Srivastava09/14/2022 04:13 AM
57364rgwBackportIn ProgressHighquincy: multisite: metadata sync does not sync STS metadata (e.g., roles, policy, ...)Pritha Srivastava09/09/2022 06:44 AM
55751rgwFeaturePending BackportNormalrgw/sts: add method to modify role max_session_duration for existing rolePritha Srivastava09/13/2022 04:15 AMbackport_processed
54433rgwBugResolvedHighadd OPT_DATA_SYNC_RUN to gc_ops_list to initialize gc that prevents send_chain from crashing.09/29/2022 02:05 PM
54417rgwBugResolvedHighradosgw-admin bucket sync run command crashes when send_chain() gets invokedPritha Srivastava09/30/2022 09:50 AMgc
53512rgwBugPending BackportHighradosgw-admin bucket rm --bucket=${bucket} --bypass-gc --purge-objects failing crashing on buckets having incomplete multipartsPritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:30 PMgc backport_processed
52788rgwFeaturePending BackportNormalrgw/sts: ABAC support in STSPritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:31 PMbackport_processed
51598rgwBugPending BackportNormalSession policy evaluation incorrect for CreateBucket.Pritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:32 PMbackport_processed
51346rgwFixNewNormalrgw/sts: Correct/improve/add thumbprint validation for incoming JWT from an oidc provider06/24/2021 01:03 PM
51152rgwBugResolvedNormaladd role information and auth type to ops logPritha Srivastava09/29/2022 02:01 PM
51019rgwBugPending BackportNormalcorrect session policies permission evaluationPritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:33 PMbackport_processed
51018rgwBugFix Under ReviewNormalimprove JWT token validation in accordance with JSON Web Key SetPritha Srivastava06/03/2021 02:13 PM
50721rgwBugPending BackportNormalmake fetching of certs while validating tokens, more generic.Pritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:33 PMbackport_processed
50509sepiaSupportResolvedNormalSepia Lab Access Requestadam kraitman05/27/2021 11:50 AMUser access
50394rgwBugResolvedNormalradosgw-admin mfa resync crashes when supplied with only one totp-pinPritha Srivastava09/06/2021 04:23 PM
49797rgwBugPending BackportNormalrgw/sts: chunked upload fails using STS temp credentials generated by GetSessionToken for a user authenticated by LDAP/Keystone.Pritha Srivastava08/08/2022 04:34 PMbackport_processed
49444rgwBugResolvedHighrgw/sts: After refreshing the temporary credentials, buckets created earlier for OIDC federated user are not listed.Pritha Srivastava03/26/2021 11:03 AM
47909rgwBugResolvedNormallist pending GCs is very slowPritha Srivastava11/03/2020 11:25 AM
47908rgwBugResolvedNormalGC perfcounter fails to update when deletion occurs Pritha Srivastava11/03/2020 11:25 AM
47836rgwBackportResolvedNormaloctopus: Add OIDC provider support in RGW STSPritha Srivastava12/03/2020 04:07 PMCeph - v15.2.8
47835rgwFeatureResolvedNormalAdd OIDC provider support in RGW STSPritha Srivastava10/23/2020 07:30 AM
46049rgwFeatureIn ProgressNormalmake the lower value of session duration configurable in stsPritha Srivastava06/17/2020 12:42 PM
45989rgwFeatureResolvedNormaladd sts token claims to ops log to be used for auditingPritha Srivastava02/04/2021 06:43 PMsts
45503rgwBugResolvedNormalrgw crashes while accessing an invalid iterator in gc update entry07/20/2020 03:18 PM
42911rgwBugResolvedNormalChanging bucket versioning status for an MFA enabled bucket works without asking for an MFA codePritha Srivastava02/24/2020 10:03 AM
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