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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
43512rgwBugFix Under ReviewHighmultisite: incremental data sync does not enforce spawn windowCasey Bodley01/07/2020 09:26 PMmultisite
43374rgwFeatureNewNormalmultisite: radosgw-admin data/metadata sync run should support --shard-id12/18/2019 07:12 PMmultisite
43360rgwBugPending BackportNormalmultisite: sync status doesn't say which shard is furthest behind12/18/2019 03:35 PMmultisite
43359rgwBugPending BackportNormalmultisite: timestamps missing from data sync status markers12/18/2019 03:35 PMmultisite
43358rgwFeatureNewNormalmultisite: sync status commands that expose timestamp comparisons for each shard12/17/2019 07:42 PMmultisite
43357rgwBugTriagedNormalmultisite: automatically detect radosgw-admin 'sync init' commands01/16/2020 03:20 PMmultisite
43018rgwBugPending BackportUrgentSTS crashes with uncaught exception when session token is not base64 encoded12/05/2019 03:42 PMsts
42816rgwBugPending BackportHighcivetweb timeouts result in GET requests returning too much data01/09/2020 06:49 PMcivetweb
41827rgwBugPending BackportNormalbeast frontend reads body in small buffers09/13/2019 07:11 PMbeast
41794rgwBugPending BackportNormalmultisite: avoid recursive lock in RGWCoroutinesManager::handle_unblocked_stack09/12/2019 01:59 PMmultisite
41692rgwBugResolvedNormalrgw dns name matching brokenCasey Bodley09/13/2019 09:37 AM
41452rgwBackportResolvedNormalnautilus: support S3 Object Lock11/13/2019 12:17 PMCeph - v14.2.5
41412rgwBugResolvedNormalmultisite: ENOENT errors from FetchRemoteObj causing bucket sync to stall without retryCasey Bodley11/06/2019 07:32 AMmultisite
41395rgwBugPending BackportHighdon't call check_bucket_shards() in the write pathCasey Bodley09/10/2019 01:14 PMreshard performance
41355rgwBugNewNormalRGWOp_Bucket_Info responds with an empty body instead of reporting errors12/05/2019 09:37 PMadmin
41324rgwBackportResolvedNormalmimic: multisite: datalog/mdlog trim don't loop until doneNathan Cutler10/22/2019 08:44 PMCeph - v13.2.7
41323rgwBackportResolvedNormalnautilus: multisite: datalog/mdlog trim don't loop until doneNathan Cutler11/14/2019 03:28 PMCeph - v14.2.5
41322rgwBackportResolvedNormalluminous: multisite: datalog/mdlog trim don't loop until done10/11/2019 01:05 PMCeph - v12.2.13
41300rgwBugResolvedNormalAssertionError in radosgw-admin-rest taskCasey Bodley08/16/2019 03:21 PM
41230rgwBugIn ProgressNormalmultisite: better spread multisite sync load over cooperating gatewaysEric Ivancich08/13/2019 02:43 PMmultisite
41045rgwBugResolvedNormalmultisite: datalog/mdlog trim don't loop until doneCasey Bodley11/14/2019 03:50 PMmultisite trim
40818rgwBugWon't FixNormalmultisite: versioned bucket deletion sometimes fails with BucketNotEmptyCasey Bodley10/24/2019 06:01 PMmultisite
40806rgwBugPending BackportNormalmultisite: radosgw-admin bucket sync status incorrectly reports "caught up" during full syncCasey Bodley08/20/2019 02:19 PMmultisite
40663rgwBugPending BackportNormalbugs in list objects v1Albin Antony12/13/2019 11:59 AMlistv2
40436rgwBugNewNormalmultisite: use-after-free of RGWFetchRemoteObjCR::zones_trace06/19/2019 06:50 PMmultisite
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