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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
17806RADOSBugResolvedLowOSD: do not open pgs when the pg is not in pg_map06/14/2017 04:26 PMCode Hygiene
16948CephBugClosedNormalfilestore: fix skip omap clone in _collection_move_rename05/24/2017 04:03 PM
16000CephBackportResolvedNormalosd: fix omap digest compare when scrubXinze Chi08/08/2016 08:30 AMCeph - v0.94.8
15701CephBugResolvedUrgentdeadlock in OSD::_committed_osd_mapsXinze Chi06/13/2016 10:54 AM
14797CephBugCan't reproduceUrgentosd: add all backfill osd to backfill_targetsSamuel Just05/09/2016 06:03 PM
14686CephBugResolvedUrgentOSDMap: reset osd_primary_affinity shared_ptr when deepish_copy_fromXinze Chi08/08/2016 08:31 AM
13991CephBugWon't FixNormalosd: fix ScrubJob compare functionKefu Chai12/15/2015 03:43 PM
13517CephBugResolvedUrgentcommon: fix reset max in Throttle using perf reset commandXinze Chi11/17/2015 03:13 PM
13209CephBugResolvedUrgentfilestore: fix peek_queue for OpSequencer11/10/2015 11:15 AM
12775CephBugResolvedUrgentcommon: do not insert emtpy ptr when rebuild emtpy bufferlist09/07/2015 08:03 AM
12565CephBugResolvedUrgentosd: do not cache unused memory in attrsXinze Chi12/14/2015 02:52 PM
12540CephBugResolvedUrgentosd: avoid multi set osd_op.outdata in tier pool11/10/2015 11:15 AM
12515CephBugResolvedUrgentrequeue_scrub when kick_object_context_blockedXinze Chi11/10/2015 11:15 AM
12271CephBugRejectedUrgentbug in ec pool chunk mappingLoïc Dachary08/03/2015 09:21 AM
12254Linux kernel clientBugClosedUrgentkrbd image watchIlya Dryomov06/05/2016 07:27 PM
11928CephBugDuplicateUrgentosd: avoid multi set osd_op.outdata in tier poolXinze Chi09/03/2015 02:11 AM
11693CephBugResolvedUrgentpidfile is overwritten and removed if the ceph-osd with the specified pidfile is already runningKefu Chai05/25/2015 05:46 AM
11558CephBugWon't FixUrgentassert(0 == "hit suicide timeout") in HeartbeatMap due to dead lock in rocksdb05/11/2015 07:25 AMOSDCeph - v0.94
11387CephFeatureRejectedNormalosd: get more reasonable scrub_reg_stamp04/16/2015 11:24 PM
11231CephBugRejectedNormalperf counter for bool parameter03/31/2016 06:50 AM
11202CephFeatureNewNormaladd stop_scrub command for cephXinze Chi12/20/2019 10:23 AM
11162RADOSBugNewNormaladd some warning about scrub in ceph status06/11/2017 07:25 PMScrub/Repair connect before ping_monitor02/02/2015 04:02 PM

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