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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
19092RADOSBugNewNormal cluster [ERR] scrub 2.1 ... is an unexpected clone" in cluster log06/14/2017 06:07 AMTiering
20624RADOSBugDuplicateNormal cluster [WRN] Health check failed: no active mgr (MGR_DOWN)" in cluster log07/21/2017 02:35 PM
17087CephBugResolvedNormal LibRadosIo.ReadTimeout fails in api_io in rados/test.sh08/22/2016 07:21 AM
24077RADOSBugResolvedNormal test_pool_create_fail (tasks.mgr.dashboard.test_pool.PoolTest) failsKefu Chai05/14/2018 10:42 AMTests
16254CephBugResolvedNormal"./bin/ceph_test_objectstore --gtest_filter=ObjectStore/StoreTest.BluestoreStatFSTest/2" fails in objectstore.yamlKefu Chai06/20/2016 08:55 AM
16802CephBugCan't reproduceNormal"AttributeError: managers" when running a rados qa suite05/24/2017 03:35 PM
43077rgw-testingBugResolvedNormal"cd /home/ubuntu/cephtest/s3-tests && ./bootstrap" fails on ubuntuAli Maredia12/18/2019 09:11 AM
45647RADOSBugNewHigh"ceph --cluster ceph --log-early osd last-stat-seq osd.0" times out due to msgr-failures/many.yaml07/08/2020 06:37 PM
12569CephBugWon't FixNormal"ceph mon add <mon-id>" takes forever in a one-monitor cluster08/03/2015 12:47 PMMonitor
21993RADOSBugResolvedNormal"ceph osd create" is not idempotentKefu Chai04/29/2018 10:20 AMTests
19348RADOSBugCan't reproduceLow"ceph ping mon.c" cli prints assertion failure on timeout10/24/2018 10:35 AMCorrectness/Safetylow-hanging-fruit
21614RADOSBugResolvedHigh"ceph tell osd.* config set osd_recovery_sleep 0" fails in rados/singleton/all/recovery-preemption.yaml10/04/2017 02:32 AMTests
35923RADOSBugResolvedUrgent"ceph_assert(values.size() == 2)" in PG::peek_map_epoch()Sage Weil09/17/2018 07:53 AM
41416rgwBugResolvedNormal"ctest -R" fails because of RGWObjManifestKefu Chai08/27/2019 09:17 AM
42250sepiaBugResolvedHigh"Error reading SSH protocol banner" when teuth-worker trying to connect to a test nodeDavid Galloway10/15/2019 12:51 AMInfrastructure Service
42742RADOSBugPending BackportNormal"failing miserably..." in Infiniband.ccKefu Chai11/16/2019 05:16 PM
16157CephBugResolvedHigh"grep -c 'load_pgs. skipping PG'" fails in suites/rados/singleton-nomsgr/all/11429.yamlKefu Chai09/06/2016 10:51 AM
22846MessengersBugClosedNormal"Health check failed: 1/3 mons down, quorum a,c (MON_DOWN)" in cluster log with msgr-failures/fastclose.yaml03/12/2019 11:16 PM
19974CephBugResolvedNormal"HEALTH_WARN too few PGs per OSD" test_wait_for_health_okKefu Chai06/17/2017 07:51 AM
16158CephBugCan't reproduceNormal"map e18 wrongly marked me down" in cluster log"05/17/2017 03:27 PM
20342CephBugResolvedNormal"MaxWhileTries: 'wait_until_healthy' reached maximum tries (150) after waiting for 900 seconds" in upgrade/hammer-jewel-x/parallelKefu Chai09/05/2017 03:34 PMqa
20566fsBugResolvedHigh"MDS health message (mds.0): Behind on trimming" in powercycle testsPatrick Donnelly07/28/2017 02:29 AM
16805CephBugResolvedNormal"osd reweight-by-utilization" fails: Refusing to reweight: we only have 584164 kb used across all osdsKefu Chai08/23/2016 02:07 AM
40726RADOSBugNewNormal"OSD::osd_op_tp thread 0x7f6dafcf0700' had timed out after 15"07/17/2019 09:19 PM
41387sepiaBugResolvedHigh"Register with subscription-manager."fails after 5 retriesDavid Galloway08/22/2019 02:20 PMTest Node
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