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45992rgwBugNewNormaltasks.rgw_multi.tests.test_multipart_object_sync fails06/14/2020 12:32 PM
45956RADOSBugNewNormalverify takes forever to finish06/09/2020 02:41 PM
45734rgwBugNewNormalClsLock.TestExclusiveEphemeralStealExclusive failsEric Ivancich06/11/2020 02:19 PM
45731rbdBugNewNormalTestDeepCopy.Snaps_LargerDstObjSize fails in jenkins "make check" runJason Dillaman05/27/2020 02:45 PM
45694rbdBugNewNormal"TestMigration.StressLive" failsJason Dillaman06/01/2020 03:44 PM
45647RADOSBugNewHigh"ceph --cluster ceph --log-early osd last-stat-seq osd.0" times out due to msgr-failures/many.yaml07/08/2020 06:37 PM
45147mgrBugNewUrgentModule 'diskprediction_local' takes forever to load05/12/2020 02:40 AMdiskprediction_local
44691RADOSBugNewNormalmon/ fails with "Expected return 13, got 0"03/30/2020 11:20 AMCorrectness/Safety
44633CephBugNewNormal is stale and not accurate03/17/2020 05:42 AMdocumentationlow-hanging-fruit
44258sepiaBugNewNormalmira077 has bad disksDavid Galloway02/24/2020 04:54 AM
43635CephBugNewNormalSELinux denials on el8 caused by podman03/25/2020 11:20 AM
43415OrchestratorBugNewLowpython3-remoto not available in ubuntu02/14/2020 02:54 PMcephadm
42581sepiaBugNewNormalmira109: 1 of 7 drives need replacingDavid Galloway10/31/2019 06:16 AMTest Node fails10/27/2019 12:57 AM
42367sepiaBugNewNormalmira117 I/O errorsDavid Galloway10/18/2019 03:28 PMTest Node
41515rgwBugNewNormalvalgrind reports "Invalid read of size 8" in radosgwCasey Bodley08/29/2019 05:47 PM
40726RADOSBugNewNormal"OSD::osd_op_tp thread 0x7f6dafcf0700' had timed out after 15"07/17/2019 09:19 PM failing in jenkins "make check" test randomly09/26/2019 08:37 AM
37772RADOSBugNewNormalunittest_seastar_messenger fails with debug build02/25/2019 01:56 AM
24670sepiaBugNewNormalmira050: 2 of 7 drives need replacingDavid Galloway07/31/2018 03:36 AMTest Node
23756mgrBugNewNormalmgr is not updated with latest pgmap in qa/workunits/rados/test_large_omap_detectionKefu Chai05/24/2018 09:50 AM
23648RADOSBugNewNormalmax-pg-per-osd.from-primary fails because of activating pgKefu Chai04/11/2018 04:56 AMCorrectness/Safety
23552RADOSFeatureNewNormalcache PK11Context in Connection and probably other consumers of CryptoKeyHandler04/20/2018 09:09 PMPerformance/Resource Usage
23123RADOSFeatureNewNormaluse pwrite to emulate posix_fallocate02/26/2018 03:49 AMlow-hanging-fruit
22926sepiaBugNewNormalmira090 1 of 8 drives need replacingDavid Galloway02/27/2018 05:41 PMTest Node
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