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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
11851rgwBugResolvedUrgentCivetweb RGW appears to report full size of object as downloaded when only partially downloadedOrit Wasserman08/11/2015 06:06 PM
2873CephBugResolvedNormalStack trace thrown when using obsyncDan Mick08/16/2012 11:29 AMobsyncCeph - v0.50
2499rgwFeatureResolvedNormalrgw: ability to delete users without first emptying and deleting all bucketscaleb miles08/09/2012 01:54 PMrgw - Ceph - v0.51
1856rgwBugResolvedNormalIt is possible to look up an rgw user by a subuser that does not exist as long as the prefix of the subuser is the same as the user's uid01/17/2018 03:24 PM
1855rgwBugResolvedNormalCreation of a subuser that appears to own an s3 key is possible, and removing the subuser with --purge-keys does not appear to remove the s3 keycaleb miles08/02/2012 01:31 PMrgw - Ceph - v0.51
1854rgwBugResolvedNormalDeletion of an rgw user that has a subuser with a swift key leaves behind an object in .users.swift01/17/2018 03:24 PM
1698rgwBugResolvedHighradosgw-admin log list returns invalid json when a log object was created with a name that contains invalid utf-801/17/2018 03:24 PM
1555CephBugResolvedNormalradosgw_admin --gen-access-key=false and --gen-secret=false flags appear to not work10/26/2011 03:38 PM
1396CephFeatureResolvedNormalEnvironment variables to specify secure connections for source and destination08/12/2011 05:56 PMobsync
1283CephBugResolvedUrgentrados df produces negative numbers and other incorrect bucket sizesYehuda Sadeh07/08/2011 02:02 PMCeph - v0.32
999rgwBugResolvedNormalDuplicate Bucket Created01/17/2018 03:23 PM

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