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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
17825Linux kernel clientBugResolvedNormal4.8.6's cephfs.ko can't read any files from old fs running ceph-10.2.3, but 4.7.9's couldZheng Yan11/19/2016 11:56 AM
12177CephSupportNewNormalremoving cached objects doesn't quickly remove tiered ec objects11/19/2015 03:04 PM
11134CephBugDuplicateNormalPGs stuck much longer than needed in Peering or Inactive03/24/2015 08:12 PM
10875CephBugDuplicateNormalrecovery may leave files inaccessible for a very long time02/16/2015 04:15 PM
10874fsFixNewNormalMDS: file recovery overwrites explicit client timestamps07/13/2016 10:57 PMCorrectness/Safety
9216fsBugNewLowmds may regard active clients as stale due to slow pg recovery07/13/2016 10:56 PMCorrectness/Safety
8758CephBugWon't FixHighPGs get stuck in “replay”, but drop it upon osd restarts04/12/2017 04:24 PMOSD
8757fsBugWon't FixNormalno need to hold write lock on hardlink's dir while creating anchortable entry09/09/2014 07:12 AM
8563fsFeatureNewNormalmds: permit storing all metadata in metadata pool03/09/2018 11:42 PMPerformance/Resource Usagehard
8230fsFeatureNewHighmds: new requests are not throttled by backend rados progress07/13/2016 10:28 PMIntrospection/Control
8227CephFeatureResolvedNormalRFE: introduce “back in a bit” osd state03/04/2019 10:12 PM
8195CephFeatureNewNormalshorten window of highest risk during recovery04/26/2014 12:19 PMOSD
7237CephBugClosedLowreplaced osd is silently prevented from joining the cluster04/12/2017 04:14 PM
6528CephBugResolvedUrgentbtrfs osd gets kicked out while removing large pgSamuel Just10/15/2013 04:00 PM
6527CephFixNewHighbackfill_toofull => try backfilling another replica10/15/2013 01:03 PM
6526CephBugResolvedNormaldumpling rpm repos contain 0.69 rpms10/14/2013 05:01 PM
6262RADOSFixNewNormaltoofull osd prevents backfilling of other pg replicas01/07/2019 10:36 PM
6261CephFeatureResolvedNormalceph-filestore-dump use cases for disaster recovery10/02/2014 05:20 PM
4601fsBugCan't reproduceHighsymlink with size zero07/22/2013 10:32 PM
4266fsBugWon't FixNormalcrush placement from crushtool mismatches observed behavior for pools other than zero02/26/2013 09:36 AM
4188fsBugCan't reproduceLowmds crashes when cow-ing entries in formerly snapshotted dir07/13/2016 05:56 AM
4176CephCleanupClosedNormalpoor use of DIR_? subdirs in osdsSamuel Just08/25/2016 05:48 PM
2160CephBugResolvedNormalactive+recovering+degraded+backfill becomes active+clean+degraded when recovery completes03/15/2012 10:29 AMOSDCeph - v0.44
1946fsBugResolvedNormalsnapshot inherits timestamp/size/etc from modified trunk dir upon mds restartSage Weil01/29/2013 08:34 PM
1878fsBugResolvedHighceph.ko doesn't setattr (lchown, utimes) on symlinksGreg Farnum04/17/2013 04:09 PM
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